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    Anyone else think that the cliff collapse mission should have its own, Mountain Highway Exit POI. I don't feel that it generating based off of all highway exits really fits the mission. A large majority of highway exits aren't anywhere near cliffs.

    This issue has already been reported to the development team. As of right now there is no way to see other members buildings other than viewing them through their profile.

    I pitched this idea a while back and it received fairly good feedback, so with the new devs I thought i'd throw it out again and see what anyone thinks. For people who operate based on realism, the ability to choose whether the vehicle going to the call or transporting a patient/prisoner drives with lights and sirens, or just simply drives to the call/destination. Many places around the world, certain calls (many of which we have in MC) do not warrant an emergency response. And though this would not effect the game play-ability in any way, I feel it would add another step of dispatcher realism. A simple box when dispatching units, and/or an option when the unit is clicked on to be able to change if the unit goes to the current assignment in emergency mode or not. The default would stay the same, so anyone who doesn't which to use the feature wouldn't be effected in any way. I feel it would be possible as well, because the game already sends ambulances to transfers in non-emergency mode; and other units to scheduled events in non-emergency mode.

    With the new map filter options I am unable to see other members buildings in the alliance, even with all options selected. Does anyone know how to correct this?

    Was the Facebook Earthquake update released too early?? Because I still have earthquake missions, and I don't have the ability to turn them off or use fault line POI's

    The hotshot crew would be considered the same as the crew carrier imo that makes them universal across the board. As for the update, I haven't seen very many of the wildland incidents, as compared to all the earthquakes, but I understand its part of a ratio calculation system. I am however disappointed in the limit of aircraft.

    I agree, the earthquake frequency has definitely taken a lot of the fun out of the game. They are completely taking over other calls and occur at an unrealistic frequency

    I bid the idea a while back to implement a lot of "Private EMS" options like facility transfers and discharges; it gained some attention but wasn't a priority.

    Realistically the amount of patients and need for EMS should be known as soon as the first emergency vehicle is on scene, if not as soon as the call is made.

    I have noticed it now multiple times today with large scale calls; Active shooter and shots fired at officer are 2 more to add to the list. All units arrive, the call completes and then patients are spawned, anywhere from 1 to 18. Its frustrating especially for long distances

    I had a bridge collapse call that was in progress. All of the required resources onscene handled the call for the required time. As soon as the timer showed "COMPLETE" the call generated 18 patients, requiring Ambulances and EMS chiefs. The patients were not listed at all until the call was completed.

    Has anyone else seen this issue?

    Being able to set a stationary patrol point would be nice. To signify an ambulance posting in a location or a police vehicle posting. These vehicles aren't always moving

    I think this would be beneficial for people who only cover departments in certain cities/counties. It would prevent the calls from generating outside of your response areas, which creates an unrealistic dispatch. If you have the ability to set a boundary, so to speak, more than a specific area it may work with the anti-cheat