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    How about a ems school that can train fire and ambulance crews to emt,aemt and paramedic in most states that will be realistic as fire can treat the patient that way you won't need a medic half of the time :thumbsup:

    EMT 3 Days
    AEMT 4 Days
    Paramedic 7 Days

    I really don't want to be seeing how much they're spending as it's their own personal business.The activity tracker currently in game is useful enough for ensuring players who aren't active are highlighted.

    I don't see how either suggestion is useful for anything other than a slightly more intrusive view of your alliance.

    This can be useful to Adamins and Co-Adamins only not everyone to see !!!!

    How about a low angel rescue and high angel rescue for the rescue unit ???? I was thinking adding the High rise unit but that will be to much work for seb just adding the classes will be fine in the game for the new call we have :thumbsup:

    I think that a small station in the US would be most applicable to small volunteer departments and have 1 or 2, maybe 3 bays. Most of my existing stations have less than 6 vehicles and I think that a lot of people playing realistically would be the same. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    That is right most volunteer stations do have 2 or 3 bays with 6 vehicles i do think if we do get it the cost will be 100k per station

    Rescue ambulance is on the list, engine ambulance probably won’t happen.

    The Rescue ambulance is almost the same as a ALS unit in most citys .... I have seen a photo of engine/ambulance it will make the game to easy ... I have ask units before the game developer won't add combine units

    Some departments uses EMS chief units

    The CCT units i see where it goes from hospital to hospital... AMR has a stroke unit now it can be use in the game for strokes only

    For heavy rescue in EMS some departments have them for MVA's

    I'm always into good ideas for the game and I do not want to break the discussion - but I'm playing the German version, which is much further and more complicated and has a lot more vehicles and possibilities than 3 years. So I know how the developer thinks what he wants and what he does not. He tries to gradually introduce the German ideas to MC in a typical American way. For this to work, he gets the advice of our moderators on vehicle types and procedures. Everything that is here at MC, has been around for a long time at the Leitstellenspiel (and much more). Also, the game should not be too easy. If more combination vehicles are required here, it will only be very limited, if at all.
    A use of repairs, wear and tear of the vehicles has long been desired and discussed in the German forum. But it is rejected by most players. And as long as most refuse, the developer will do nothing in that direction. Comes something new, then always in the German game, because it is better and easier for him to program and try everything, if necessary to correct errors quickly. If news is good and there is a demand for this point at MC as well, then this news also has a chance to be taken over by MC.
    Once again:
    This is not a simulation but a building game.
    But Sebastian is always eager to find a middle ground.

    With this being said i think we should have a poll to see if the members want it on the american side of the game !!!!

    Hello I just had an idea what about having a vehicle shop that can fix the units on the miles down to 0...having a garage up to 50 spaces that way you don't have to delete the vehicle... Vehicle shop be 200k along with 10k for the open spaces for 50 :thumbsup: