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  • I think it is difficult for the new versions to reach the level of the American and German ones before a year if not more, I personally continue to play with the American version actively and I would continue to do so even when playing with an Italian version, this does not remove the fact that each player would like a version set in his country

  • Quote from sasy992: “Hello, I write on behalf of a large community (we are third as an alliance in the American game). We would like an Italian version. we are available for any kind of development help! Thank you so much for listening, we hope for a new version also for our Italian community ” I love this proposal, the fanbase of Italian players is very wide and represented by many alliances, many of those who play are actively members of the emergency services and we are all available to creat…

  • Storm Surge

    112NUE-Liguria - - Errors, Bugs


    The problem is that when i start a storm surge not a single water rescue mission came up, i have only roof,brush fires, road accidents, unsafe cladding ecc...the missions of the normal storm....

  • Storm Surge

    112NUE-Liguria - - Errors, Bugs


    Hi, I don't know if this thing has already happened and reported by others, but when I try to start the storm surge event the game starts the normal storm...

  • In Italy rescue dogs are used daily for various types of rescue operations, without counting their fundamental contribution in the recent tragedies that have devastated the nation, such as the 2009 earthquake or the collapse of the Ponte Morandi

  • Hi, my game profile is connected to my facebook, since this social is having serious problems and therefore I cannot access the game through Facebook, I wanted to know if there is a way to access the game with my profile without going through Facebook

  • My proposal does not want to be an intrusion to the players, but a way for Admin and Co-Admin to verify who actually does not log-in for a long time, so they can eliminate these players from the alliance to make space for the new ones.

  • Hello, in my opinion it would be useful to the staff of the various alliances a system to verify the last access of each player and how much they actually spend online

  • In Italy EMS Command and Flycar are the same unit and have a crew consisting of driver, nurse and doctor. This vehicle supports the BLS units in code 2/3 emergencies and the doctor takes the lead of medical operations in the major events. Some regions have an EMS Command unit dedicated to large events but it is not a system adopted in all the territory. For game purpose I think that at least speaking for the Italian system the best option would be to have Flycar and EMS Command as the same unit …

  • Thanks

  • I really like the new small station, could it be possible in the future to have small police stations? They would be very useful for the police / sheriff department of small towns, which usually have few vehicles

  • The Italian EMS system does not have EMS chief units, in large emergencies the doctor of flycar(critical care unit) take the command of the EMS operations. Whe have two special operation units, the CNSAS (Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico) and the Italian Red Cross SMTS (Soccorso Mezzi e Tecniche Speciali), the CNSAS deal generally with rescue in mountain environments and caves, the SMTS are generally called for missing person rescue

  • Excuse me, I noticed now that I had opened the thread in the wrong section

  • Hi, an element that in my opinion would add much realism to the health system of the game would be the possibility for BLS ambulances to transport serious patients to the hospital without the doctor. For example, a serious car accident, several serious injuries and all ALS units are already engaged on other calls, in reality there would be a risk of death of the patient requiring immediate medical attention, and the BLS ambulance would immediately take him to the hospital without doctor, I do no…

  • The most incredible time was one morning in winter when we were alerted for an highway accident, our dispatch told us it was a light accident and they sent us in code 2, when we arrived we found a truck overturned, with 2 injured,the truck was transporting water bottles that had broken up and the highway was turned in an ice road, we immediately called another ambulance, an ALS car and firefighters, 2 injured in code 2 and highway closed for hours ... it was a light accident...

  • In my opinion this evolution of the mission can be justified by the fact that many times the caller does not give correct information or omits some details, I am an ambulance driver and dozens of times it happened to receive a call for an emergency and arrived at the emergency location find a completely different one

  • What do you think about adding a fire investigation unit to the fire department? It could intervene on big fires and have thematic missions, such as arson fire

  • Hi Missionchief players, I'm Goriar and recently I created a new alliance called WRO. If you want to join me and help me to create an alliance as realistic and open to all you are welcome, the rules are currently basic, but with the crescendo of the community will evolve along with it, the official language will be English , to meet everyone, but nothing will prevent players from the same country to communicate with each other in their own languages, for example I come from Italy ...

  • Not being completed

    112NUE-Liguria - - Errors, Bugs


    I have the same problem, units arrive on scene but the call doesn't clear.The bug is in every mission, alliance or not

  • New Units

    112NUE-Liguria - - Suggestions for improvements


    Maybe someone has already suggested these units, but i really like to see them in this game to make it even more realistic Rescue Crane - For mission like MVA, Car in River... Crew 2 Bomb Squad - With new mission like Bomb Alert Crew 2-4 Course Bomb Squad Brush Fire Unit - Optional unit for forest fire or little town fires like wastebin fires Crew 2-4 Police Detective - to send in mission like murders, shooting... Crew 2 Course Detective Police Field Command Unit - For major crimes or events Cre…