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  • I don’t really think we need a specialist hospital for each one but a couple like mental health and maybe intensive care/trauma. But I think this is a good idea

  • The point about the patients not always dying is quite interesting as: It could mean there are more extensions to hospitals It could also mean that patients get regular checkups at hospitals and so could give more transfer missions But also it could give patients more of a background and could give more information about patients for a more realistic game

  • Well maybe this could be in a section in the mission section where you can turn it on or off depending on what kind of player u are.

  • Can we get timers on serious medical missions. Why? Well I think it would be cool to have a timer that would decrease from say 10mins and every minute the chance of success to rescue the patient would decrease. When the timer finishes there would be a very slim chance of saving the patient and the patient would pass away For example: You receive a Heart Attack mission There is a 10 min timer The timer decreases and the patient’s chance of survival decreases such as: 10 mins 100% chance, 9 mins 9…

  • We already have some hospital extensions but I think it would be nice to have more extensions such as oncology/surgical oncology, gastroenterology or nephrology These could form more medical missions like indigestion etc. I also think it would be cool if you could get patients that have regular check ups at hospitals. These could be cancer treatment that would require an ambulance transport. Or the check ups could go to an urgent care centre. As well as the regular checkups, there should be rare…

  • Hi, I was wondering if I could get two graphics: 1. West Yorkshire Police force graphic 2. West Yorkshire Ambulance service graphic