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  • not the right qualification

    emergency4fan - - Errors, Bugs


    Quote from DeputyMedic20: “I have a few units saying don't have the right qualification switch i have train all of them also when i dispatch a type 1 fire engine it says i don't have any personal at that station i have over 100 people at one station This has happen a few times in the last 20mins ” yeah i've had the problem quite a bit as well in the last 2 days, usually it can be fixed by either sending units 1 by 1, sending different units or resending them. it's annoying but can be rectified.

  • yeah i've noticed it as well, EG me sending units to calls but the calls still registering as no units responding.

  • first maybe the developers should sort out the lazy UK and AUS versions of the game before launching another carbon copy of MCUS with less units and the wrong unit names.

  • UK MissionChief

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    Quote from etangreig: “I have a question and I will try not a swear in it. Why have you made it so that players how have spent nearly 4 years playing this game have to start all over again. I spent four years playing and spent over £50k on coins. Just to be F***ing slapped in the face and told that you will have to make a whole F***ing new account to play on the UK version. OVER 50 F***ING K ON COIN WHAT FOR. ” no ones telling you to start again on MC UK. no offence but MC UK is nowhere near the…

  • Quote from rAndy25: “Name/Type of Mission: Unauthorized Falò Units Required: 1 patrol car, 1 fire engine (50%) POI Required: Beach Patients: 0 Prisoners: 0 Credit Reward: 450 ” for anyone wondering what a falo is it's a bonfire.

  • Name/Type of Mission: Large Forest Fire Units Required: 7 fire engines, 3 water tankers, 3 police cars, 1 MCV, 2 battalions, 1 HRT POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Forest Patients: maximum of 5 Prisoners: 0 Credit Reward: 5500 Name/Type of Mission: Small Forest fire Units Required: 5 Fire Engines, 2 water tankers, 2 police cars 2 battalions, 50-50 chance of needing MCV and HRT POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Forest Patients: maximum of 5 Prisoners: 0 Credit Reward: 5000

  • ok i'll put it on that then

  • kind of surprised this isn't already in the game and no one has suggested it. both missions would need the forest POI. forest fire would require 7 fire engines, 2 water tankers, 1 command vehicle, 1 heavy rescue, 3 battalion chiefs, 3 police cars and the possibility of up to 5 casualties. small forest fire would need 5 fire engines, 1 water tanker, 2 battalion chiefs, 3 police cars, a 40-60 chance of requiring a HRT and a 50-50 chance of requiring an MCV. it would also have the possibility of 5 …

  • sounds like a good idea to me. maybe it could include a unit getting damaged by fire or bullets on a mission or just a chance of a vehicle needing maintenance.

  • here in the UK there isn't such a thing as a hazmat engine. I'm not sure about the rest of europe but I'm pretty sure USA and Australia do use them and so do other parts of the world too

  • Tow trucks

    emergency4fan - - Suggestions for improvements


    as of the moment I don't think it will be implemented but if more utility and non-emergency vehicles get added then the tow truck will probably follow suit.

  • Auction

    emergency4fan - - Suggestions for improvements


    this idea wouldn't work and is bad

  • it's a good idea but it wouldn't work and would take a while to implement presumably

  • these are all very good ideas but i can't help noticing these are all from SWAT. they are still pretty good ideas though

  • i'm guessing you can only get 99 calls at a time

  • i looked on google maps and there is a building that looks like a fire station next to some 4 engine transport planes next to a tag saying airtrak travel systems

  • UK Graphics Expanded

    emergency4fan - - General Discussion


    Quote from PepisMax125: “Quote from Realjessey: “Next Set! Leicester Hose Layer Unit Edited From Type 1 generic UK PottyScotty…517a7f4862451d92fcebf557b…517a7f4862451d92fcebf557b West Sussex Heavy Rescue Tender Edited From Type 1 Generic UK PottyScotty…517a7f4862451d92fcebf557b…517a7f4862451d92fcebf557b West Sussex 4x4 Vehicle Edited From Utility Generic UK PottyScotty boar…

  • for Aviation

    emergency4fan - - Offtopic


    it's a good idea but not one for missionchief. try pitching it to someone else as this isn't really the place for it although i do like the idea

  • i really like this list of calls and hope that all of these get put in the game some time in the future. it would also bring lot more EMS calls to the game as currently they're aren't exactly loads of EMS calls.

  • i'm not exactly sure how on earth this would need 8 police cars and what exactly do you mean most people?