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  • In-game Time

    JVolunteer47 - - General Discussion


    Can anyone confirm that the in-game time has changed? My unit change-over times went from being EST -5 to being on Eastern time.

  • Server Crash

    JVolunteer47 - - Errors, Bugs


    Server crashed 4 times today while playing

  • I have several patrol cars where the personnel are SWAT trained. Before today, they were counted towards the "needed SWAT personnel" count. Now, all of the sudden, today the game isn't counting them anymore. I failed an Assassination Threat mission and I can't use them on regular calls as SWAT personnel. Again, before today, this was not an issue.

  • Can we get the mobile communications unit as a unit for both Fire and Police? I know of police departments all across the country that use a mobile comms unit just as much as, if not more then, fire departments.

  • I'm going to give TACRfan's suggestion a try, but I too have been having this problem. I get the Large Runway POI randomly spawning in all sorts of places.

  • Could we add a nursing home POI? That would certainly ramp things up a little bit. In addition to being able to spawn many, many medical events there, they're also good for some fire events and even police events. It would also open up the possibility of doing ambulance transports from a hospital or clinic to the nursing home, similar to the ambulance transports from clinics to hospitals.

  • I would like to see some different POI's added in regards to stadiums. Right now you just have the generic "Stadium" which can spawn several different missions like Concert, Soccer game, and Baseball game. Can we separate these into different stadiums? For example, in my first due area, we have a minor league baseball stadium, and then a small athletic field for the high school where they play football and soccer. There's also a theater where they have concerts. They would never play soccer or h…

  • Missions not spawning

    JVolunteer47 - - Errors, Bugs


    I have my mission speed set to Realistic, to get one every 3 minutes, And missions are not spawning correctly. Sometimes they will spawn every 3 minutes like normal, then other times I'll get one mission, then for 15 minutes nothing will happen. Then another one will spawn, then nothing for the next half hour. Then I'll get an hour of normal every 3 minutes, then it'll go back to not spawning again.

  • Several times now I have had an issue where ALS units transport the wrong patients. I would dispatch an ALs unit and a BLS unit to a scene with a BLS patient and an ALS patient. The ALS unit would treat and transport the BLS patient, leaving the BLS unit stranded there with an ALS patient and now having to wait for another ALS unit to show up to treat and transport the patient.