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  • Name/Type of Mission: Vehicle Fire due to improper maintanance (FD, EMS, PD) Units Required: 1 Firetruck 2 Patrol Cars POI Required (Use 'none' if not needed): None Patients: Min. 1, Max. 5 Transport Probability: 85% Prisoners: 1 Credit Reward: 500 Credits Name/Type of Mission: Major MVA in tunnel (FD, EMS, PD) (Could be a follow up of the Large MVA in tunnel with the Follow-up chance of 50%) Units Required: 20 Firetrucks 3 Platform Trucks 10 Heavy Rescue Vehicles 3 Battalion Chief Units 2 MCVs …

  • Smoke Jumpers

    InsaneMikav2 - - Suggestions for improvements


    I do agree with Rescuenut, it is a good idea. Especialy for increased Wildland calls in areas which have a lot of forests, for example the Rocky Mountains region, or the California Region-

  • Quote from ChiefAustin: “If possible make the recruiting 5 days instead of 3 days ” Yeah, I also think that is a good option. The longer the recruitment period more personnel you get. Especialy when you're like me and you need a lot of personnel and most of your stations don't have that much personnel