U.S. Emergency Services

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    • The BIGGEST and #1 alliance WANTS YOU!

      U.S. Emergency Services Alliance is currently accepting new applicants!

      Our primary mission is to provide fire, medical, police, hazardous material, and technical rescue response within the geographic boundaries of the United States. We are looking for active players throughout the United States to join our quickly growing alliance. We have players located throughout the United States, also the U.K and Canada. We support each other and respond to mutual aid requests among the community and members abroad. You do not have to be from the United States to be a part of our fast growing team. We do, however, strive to be number one regardless of where you are from! We strive to follow 4 strict core values; Integrity, Stewardship, Respect, and Honesty.

      The vision of this alliance is to be immediately recognized by the MissionChief community as a premier, professional, progressive alliance that consistently delivers the highest quality services possible, one that maintains public trust and improves people's quality of life by ensuring a safe environment, and serves as an exemplary model service delivery agency.

      Our operating priorities:
      • Safety
      • Courtesy
      • Excellent Service
      • Efficiency
      • Continuous Improvement

      U.S. Emergency Services Alliance provides a voice application(TeamSpeak) for our members to communicate while in game. This gives our members the opportunity to add just a tad bit of extra realism to the game. Yes, we strive for our members to role-play if possible; channels are set up for the community. We are a fun community filled with young adults and adult gamers from all over the world. Being part of this community means family, respect and most of all teamwork. All members are required to review our community guidelines before applying for membership. When you apply to this alliance, you agree to the rules of the alliance.

      Stay Safe,
      Chief EFD850
      Missionchief.com Director of Operations
      U.S Emergency Services Alliance Administrator