National Emergency Services

    • National Emergency Services

      Hello All! Texas Emergency Services is up and running! We are an alliance geared towards recreating Texas Fire Departments, Police Departments, and Emergency Medical Service Departments to represent their real-life counterparts. We also accept players from any part of the world. We have active admins that are on everyday. We also accept players from any part of the world. We welcome all types of players into our family! If you are interested in a fun, layed back alliance to play some realistic Mission Chief with, you've found the right place! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope to see you soon!

      Juan Pablo
      Alliance Admin
    • UPDATE

      Formerly known as Texas Emergency Services, we have changed our name to National Emergency Services. We now currently have Emergency Services in Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin, and now Florida. We are looking for players who are interested in becoming a part of an alliance who re-create emergency service departments as realistically as possible. Many of our members are active LEO's and FF's! We are very laid back and have a TeamSpeak 3 Channel for any members to join if they want to take their Mission Chief experience to the next level. Just ask for Juan or Noah T when connecting. We look forward to seeing you soon!

      TeamSpeak 3 Info:

      National Emergency Services Admin
      Juan H.