Improvements to the Mass Causality Unit

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    • Improvements to the Mass Causality Unit

      Im a firefighter in Montgomery County, MD, and we have 2 Mass Causality Units, or as we call them, MAB's, which stands for Medical Ambulance Bus. Anyway for every MAB we have a MCSU, which stands for Medical Care Support Unit. and what they do is, they set up the triage tents, and prep for the MCI's. It would be nice to implement the MCSU's into the game, for a more natural setting. And our MAB's can treat up to 6 pt's at once.

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    • From my observations, mass casualty units around the country are vastly different. They range from massive busses to heavy rescues to a little trailer that covers a whole county or region in some instances. I think that while the idea you are suggesting is valid, it is not feasible considering the versatility of the mass casualty unit as a whole. For your sake, I would recommend simply roleplaying it with a utility or something like that.