Radius pin

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    • I was looking at making a mission for my alliance and I wanted to get specific radius’s around an area to go off realise staging areas and base the response on real life plans.

      I had an idea that you have a pin system that you can pin to your map and it draws radius circles of 5, 10, 15, 20 miles depending on what you want so you can see how far things actually are from the pin. I have attached a pic as an example.

      Would anyone else be interested in this?

      Another idea I had is a pin system for notes. This would basically be the notes tab but tied to an individual pin that you used could choose where to place it. They could also choose to hide all pins so that they aren’t on their map 24/7. They would also have an option to make it visible to the alliance.

      I thought this idea might make it pretty cool to be able to set things like pre determined attendances on specific locations and if needed alliance members can follow the PDA to assist you. It also could allow you to pre plan your stations by marking them and then typing out what you are going to base there.

    • hawker5 wrote:

      I think I understand this idea. I am not part of an alliance as I want to partake in this alone due to my as accurate map as possible.

      Could this idea you have be used towards creating boundaries or districts?

      Is this idea you have only for alliances or can users not in alliances benefit from this?

      Its for all, you just have the option to share it with your alliance if you are in one, Im not sure about the boundaries idea as it wouldn't really be an actual boundary but more of an overlay