Bulk Vehicle status changing

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    • Bulk Vehicle status changing

      Bulk status changing for vehicles would mean any vehicle could have the 'reserve' tag added to it.
      If checked, this vehicle would be at any normal time, status 6.
      If you were to select 'State of Emergency' mode, then these vehicles would become status 2 and available.

      Ignoring the specific wording, the concept would allow for those running setups where one wouldn't want their 'specialist' vehicles running around on normal calls. This, while focused on realism, would allow for an added Gameplay mechanic and extra level of management that could be undertaken by players.

      What are your thoughts? - I'd rather the concept was debated rather than the wording used in this idea...
    • rescuenut93 wrote:

      Another option could be a tab under the dispatch setting where it says Fire Truck, Ambulance, Police Car etc? But in a Reserve Unit tab itself? Any units you click under vehicle settings for Reserve Only would be placed in this tab and wouldn't be selected for dispatch unless manually selected.
      It was meant to be more of a checkbox, not a tab that they fall under, simply a method of easily 'activating' those vehicles that people don't want running around all the time on 'normal' calls
    • letsgohope12 wrote:

      It just seems to me that anything that is implemented will require just as much effort as excluding the unit from AAR and manually adding it. Maybe I’m missing the point, can someone else comment?
      Nope, you're still going to get me, that's cause I still don't think I'm getting through, apologies.
      You're right, you can access those units that are excluded in the ARR fairly easily, however, when it comes to wanting them involved with the ARR, they can't be reactivated into those categories quickly. It's relatively minor however, if used correctly the extra units 'activated' could be used under the same ARR categories and clearly deactivated (i.e. status 6) when not required.

      Judging though by the fact you have brought up how the ARR exclusion tickbox can be correctly used to almost replicate this function I'd have to agree that you are correct.

      The only other benefit I could put behind this is that it would be a slightly more intuitive feature for the purpose required.