Military Ambulance and Military Police

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    • Military Ambulance and Military Police

      Hello! :D I think there would be good some military unit in the game. The military ambulances and military medevac choppers should be great units at bigger accidents and the military police should support them. What do you think? :)
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    • Rename some Firestations and Rescuestations and u have FEMA Units as National Guard for Helping
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    • I do have some military fire department units in my stations actually. The area I have my stations setup have multiple US Navy bases serviced by their own Police/Fire/EMS so I did as suggested above and just created regular stations with those units (see below).

      While it doesn't change how I would suggest accomplishing this I do know that West Point Fire Department is directly dispatched by the County 911 Center who answer all 911 calls made in the county including from the base. Calls are transferred as needed to the Military Police station (who dispatch the Keller Army Hospital Medics).

      The USCG Fire Department at TRACEN Cape May are also part of the county fire response system and respond first due to all calls on the Island alongside the City of Cape May FD and mutual aid throughout the county.

      So while military units can and are certainly dispatched by civilian entities and take part in their local emergency services I certainly wouldn't add a new type of unit or station to do it.

      For those interested: The USCG unit is a Rescue Boat unit ID comes from the 45' Response Boat Medium, the US Navy units are: CR = Crash Rescue (ARFF), NA = Navy Ambulance, NC = Navy Chief, NE = Navy Engine, NQ = Navy Qunit. The units are in the Virginia Beach 911 CAD with the prefix N so I just carried it over as I built the City of Virginia Beach I'd say about 80% realistically.
      Stephen, Paramedic, Advanced EMD

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