Station slots deconstruct (Bringing back up)

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    • Station slots deconstruct (Bringing back up)

      This was suggested a ways back that I'd like to bring up for discussion again.

      Allowing players to deconstruct vehicle slots for lile 10K, 15K or even 20K each. We pay more for extra slots so this wouldn't really be cheating the game out it would be a loss to us in a way.

      Playing Devils here from an opposite view.

      -We'd lose credits or coins on this
      -We'd have less space.

      But also say if someone had a station of 15 slots and they wanna relocate it but only need 4 slots. I feel the player should be allowed to deconstruct those slots and earn some credits back at the same time but not cheat the system however by getting less credits back. I see no issue with it. Seems fair. I'd atleast wanna get something back for it if I couldn't get a full refund and a full refund would kind of cheat the game in a way.

    • I like the sounds of this!

      Perhaps we could even have an option to demolish any station expansions we do as well? Having somewhat of a refund would be good - even something as little as 25% money back would be alright... Even at the end of all this discussion they decide to allow it, but with no refund... I'd be alright with that to be honest.

      Lets see what others think about incorporating these features :thumbup: