"Own Vehicle Class"

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    • "Own Vehicle Class"

      Having played a while with the German Version of MissionChief / MC (Leitstellenspiel / LSS), I've come to accept that the different versions of the game are kept unique for a reason. However, one aspect of LSS, which I believe would be very suited to MC and in particular to the more realistic players among us (But potentially fun for any player who wants to use it) would be the "Own Vehicle Class" aspect of LSS. For those of you who do not know what this is, it effectively allows you to rename the type of a specific unit, without changing how it functions in game or what requires it.

      For example: You could have five Utility Units across five stations. You would like two of these to represent tow trucks, and one to represent a crew carrier, whilst the other two to stay the same. Now yes, you can change the name and graphic of the unit, but when you select "Utility Unit" in the Alarm and Response Regulations (ARR), it's the closest unit which will respond, even if you wanted your Crew Carrier to respond, it might be your Tow Truck which does instead.

      Changing the Vehicle Class however, allows you to re-class each of those, so that the game recognises them as a separate type of unit in the ARR. So you could set up a "Burning Car"ARR to send one Engine and one Tow Truck, rather than a crew carrier or utility unit etc...

      Changing the Class of vehicle does not change what it actually can be used for, so For Example if you renamed an ALS Ambulance to be a Mass Casualty Unit, in-game it would still only transport one patient.

      Hopefully I have explained this well enough for everybody, as I feel many players would benefit from this.
      UK Graphics Creator (Units / Icons)