Transferring Equipment to alliance Members

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    • I'm down with this as well but the only downside is that much bigger players could sell or give new players just starting out Rescue Engines and Quints which would cheat the game with new players not needing to work their way up and earn them. Unless there are restrictions on what players can and cannot sell.

      Plus players selling units at higher and lower prices would be a problem. Either they would be sold higher causing price gouging or sold lower giving newer players leeway to get around the current market system.

      Say if I sold Type 1 Engines for 10K instead of 5K and Battalion Chiefs for 20K instead of 10K, I'd be filthy rich like Fort Knox.

      If I sold a Quint and an Ambulance for 2,500K each, I could help my new or lower leveled players out so they didn't have to work for it and get their setups taken care of.

      If this were to be implemented then we would need to discuss this more deeply.

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    • ManyFireman wrote:

      Another system which I would be in favour of is donations. Perhaps having a limiter (1 a month) would be sensible; but being able to donate 1 station / vehicle etc to alliance members would be really nice!
      Hmm, I'm not so sure with money or stations. While you have mentioned a limiter, that is still open for exploitation, donating a station which may have cost one player 100K while other 1M isn't ideal. Donating money has also been suggested before however again, exploitation was an issue raised.

      While I like the ideas, we have to be certain that they aren't going to be open to exploitation.

      I'm sure with vehicle transfers/donations however that there could be a sufficient amount of money lost in the transfer that would make it impossible to exploit.
    • In addition to the downsides of this, what's to stop someone from creating multiple accounts and purchasing stations for 100K then transferring to a main account where the cost is in the 4 or 500K range. I see a lot of downsides to this, and the main thing I see as a problem is, like @me181 stated, the exploitation factor of it all.

      When it comes to money sharing, you may also have people who could use it against you in regards to promotion within an alliance, or something of that nature. While it would be a very neat feature, there are a lot of downsides that I see.
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