SWAT Personnel setting on AAR?

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    • As it stands right now, there's no real way to set number of people based on AAR. SWAT is the generic for either SWAT SUV or Truck. I use it on the calls that require just 4 SWAT, as all my vehicles will have a minimum of 4 officers, but sometimes the truck is significantly closer than the SUV.

      As it stands right now however, dispatching based on the number of people isn't possible, probably in part due to limitations and the system only choosing the people AFTER the vehicle is sent if they are not assigned. The same happens with Water rescue vehicles as well. Might be something to bring up in a suggestion for improvements. For now, I recommend assigning your personnel to vehicles. SUVs all get 4, trucks all get 6, and then you can do the math from there. Assignments prevent officers getting sent on patrol in a car and your truck or SUV going out with only a couple people on it, instead of a full load
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