Police Highway Patrol

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    • Police Highway Patrol

      Hi everyone

      Was curious what everyone's thoughts are on creating a Highway Patrol Division within the police area? In Ontario, we have the Ontario Provincial Police which serve small towns but mostly they serve the Provincial highways.

      Currently I just use regular police units and rename them to the highway division. Is there interest in creating a new division within police units for highway patrol or is this something the DEV would be interested in creating?

      Just an idea thought I would put out there.

    • In the US, highway patrol is usually a division of the State Police. In some larger city police departments, such as the NYPD, they do have their own highway patrol divisions. I don't really see how this could add to the game apart from realistic proposes. In terms of what the Highway Patrol usually does in the US, they act as standard law enforcement when need be but just enforce traffic and speed laws on the highway/interstate primarily. What I would do is just rename standard patrol cars and add a different graphic.
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    • I like the idea.
      Perhaps Highway cars can patrol, stage & generate a small token amount of points (revenue from tickets).
      They could respond to vehicle incidents & perhaps be more efficient in dealing with them.
      At a pinch they could also support general police duties, but then they don't generate the token points when doing so.

      Just ideas. Sounds cool if it worked.

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