Australia Emergency Services Alliance - Seeking keen players

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    • Australia Emergency Services Alliance - Seeking keen players

      Heyo! Thank you for taking your time and interest in "Australia's Emergency Service" Alliance.

      A little about myself: I'm Pommy, an Australian and I have been playing this game for a couple years. I'm also the founder of such group and and hoping to find some new great people. I love a good chat and am willing to help out within the game.

      Here, we are both semi-serious and at times, serious. We are a fun and welcoming community that accepts all within Australia. However, we do have some that expand from NZ. Currently, we have a great community with new and old members who love a good chat. We expand across ages and have active volunteers within our community to enhance the experience!

      If you want to get involved in events, every now and then we set up one with a couple days notice that cycles around Australia, seeking new positions that can involve as many members as possible.

      We have little rules and only have few expectations that may be good behaviour, manners, respect and courtesy shown which has also made our community what were are. We are a good friendly bunch who loves a good chat and some banter. We also love helping out new players and I have been doing so for some time now.

      For a good year or 2 this group has been up, we have quietly grown with those interested in joining by seeking us out. We've had few pass and go, we've had many come and stay, however sadly some have been removed due to inactivity D: With this, we're seeking and hoping to get a bit more active, as I personally find it the players make me stay in this game, and is what makes it great, so we would love some new active members to join us!

      We do not wish to become the largest group, but if you're dedicated, friendly and love to spend a bit of time on Missionchief, have a chat, feel free to join us! We'd love those keen.

      We don't just speak on Missionchief, we also have a discord where we communicate about Missionchief or active events and help new players get into the game. If you are interested in talking to us, have questions and concerns, you may message me on the forums, Missionchief or discord.

      Missionchief Group:

      Cheers and have a good one C:

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