Can't Log in on browser from app

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    • Can't Log in on browser from app

      Hey everyone, i'm new to MC but i love it already ive played about 7 hours now, i started off playing it on my phone, but i now want to play it on my browser on my pc, i tried to log in and it won't let me, anyone got any ideas? i don't really want to start a new bcause i've got everything how i like it and it would be a ball ache to redo it all.
    • are you sure you tried to login by the correct version.
      By creating your account you selected one game. Missionchief with UK flag, MissionChief with US flag. Meldkamerspel (dutch) or Leitstellenspiel (German)

      I dont think you choose the dutch or german version so.
      For UK use:

      For US use:
      I'm Dutch.
      Sorry for grammatical misstakes in my messages.
      I'm the Co-Owner of the dutch discord server for meldkamerspel
      I only have experience with, but i will help where I can.