Donating/trading vehicles within the alliance

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    • Donating/trading vehicles within the alliance

      Since there are improvements to be made and suggestions to come about, im sure this was brought up before, can it be possible for new members who join the alliance who cant afford newer trucks that are needed for particular missions they have spawning and i know mutual aid is a big factor within the alliance to help each other, but lets say im upgrading my fleet or i am replacing some trucks and since i cant really "sell" the trucks, i want to donate my trucks that i dont need as i replace them.

      So my city had an old ladder truck and we have sister cities, one in mexico and another in south korea, the sister city in mexico was given our old ladder truck to add to their department as they needed one and our city gave them the truck just as we bought a new one, could this be something in the works in the future to where anyone in the alliance can donate their old trucks to other members in their own alliance?

      I rather give a member thats growing their fleet my old trucks then deleting it forever.
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