911 Emergency Dispatch

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    • 911 Emergency Dispatch

      Welcome to 911 Emergency Dispatch!

      As you may have expected going by our name, we are based in the United States. If you live elsewhere but have a setup in the United States, then still feel free to join.

      * please note - a minimum of 10,000 credits in earnings is required for acceptance. An understanding of the rules is necessary. We also require you to have your stations positioned realistically *

      Worried your area is already taken? No problems, you can build in the same area as someone else. If you would like an explanation of how we make it work, please send a message to the alliance founder.

      Currently situated in California, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Louisiana, New Jersey, Iowa, South Carolina, Virginia, and Nevada. However, anywhere in the United States is acceptable!

      We strive to let our members enjoy their time playing, while also having an aim for realism. Taking part in our frequently offered alliance missions is a great way to earn a few more credits, and to take a look at what other members have in their setup.

      If you are looking for a fun, active, and entertaining alliance with friendly players and management... Then what are you waiting for?

      Apply today!

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    • In just one week, 911 Emergency Dispatch has expanded to include members in approximately 15 states - California, Florida, Alabama, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

      People with setups in any part of the United States are more than welcome to join however, that list does not limit you. Interested in joining?

      Apply today!