Pinned Alliance Poaching/Abuse

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  • I also would recommend that if a player is bothering you, hit the ignore button and forbid them joining the alliance.

    If you are one who is constantly trying to recruit by messaging members of other alliances. Don’t do this , it doesn’t make you alliance attractive to those who aren’t in it, all it does is piss off those members and tarnish yours and your alliances rep within the community. Do what the rest of us have had to do, make you alliance different from all the others so it has a niche and stands out, then recruit on the forum on the recruitment section.
  • FIREFIGHTER118 wrote:

    sorry who the actual fxck do you think your trying to bully?fully grown man with a job and that's how you speak to young people. Regardless what your shtty pathetic opinion is on game recruiting 3 professionals on this game have all backed me up as you can read saying it's not against no fxxing rules. I've told you once I'll tell you again you little mug. You have all admitted you were the first groups on the game so all of you will be page 1 and two. Happens to be you little prlck that people are biased and click on the biggest and first group they see. It's only fair new alliances get members and have there own group we weren't as fortune as you big headed cunts being the first group on the game.

    I didn't harass fuxall you one have no right to tell other alliances what to do as nothing is against the rules . 2nd who are you to stick your nose into my last post about rule breaking nothing to do with you whatsoever you cannot get fxkin pissy dropping an antagonising comment like that and dont come up with some reply denying it to be antagonising it was completely none of your business and had 0 right to even comment .

    I'm alot younger than you but let me say this if I knew you in real life I'd slap some reality in you.

    Let's say no recruiting was a rule are you on the same planet as me recruiting goes on fxckng everywhere nothing wrong in doing it army recruit raf recruit everywhere recruits mangers in football steal other players with a fee. You groups have over a 1000 people in your groups and scared of a group of about 10 people taking a few of your inactive members off. Grow the fxk up.

    You got your little retaliation out of me you little prik well done you cxnt
    You have been asked to keep things civilized here in Forums just like everyone else. The fact that you are younger gives you no excuse to act this way and despite slurring your vulgarity out with X's it is clear as day as to what you are saying. In my book this is harassment with your recent comments.

    Please keep it civil in here or further action will be taken.

    You have been warned.

  • why am I still getting crap . When it's not against the rules.

    rescuenut93 wrote:

    FIREFIGHTER118 wrote:

    letsgohope12 wrote:

    Lately we have been noticing an uptick in posts and messages about two unfortunate things.

    The first is alliance poaching. Alliance poaching is essentially stealing members from other alliances by maliciously attempting to recreate an alliance through copying rules, graphics, pictures, etc. Though ridiculous, unprofessional, rude, and pathetic, there is not a lot that we can do as moderators about it. We would also like to point out that actively recruiting members from other alliances is perfectly fine so long as there is no malicious intent. Alliances are designed to be a competition!

    Second is abuse among alliances. This can come across as abuse by alliance administrators through verbal insults, harassment, blackmail, or threatening. Unfortunately since we are only forum moderators we can't help much. Because of this we encourage you to avoid posting on the forum, but rather privately messaging a moderator with screenshots/evidence of your issue. Publicly posting does nothing to solve the issue, but a private message allows us to pass it on to the developers.

    Ultimately, we want to foster a positive community on MissionChief. We are not trying to hide the issue by asking you not to post about it, but rather to not start the back-and-forth arguments that descend into two alliances openly slandering each other. Please help us encourage this positivity! Thank you for all your many suggestions and for bearing with us as we transition to the new development team.

    Letsgohope12 and the Moderation Team
    I am being absolutely heckled harassed about asking beginners and amateurs on alliances to join me ... even my other admins sort this out
    Could you further explain please?