Filter Alliance Missions by distance

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    • Filter Alliance Missions by distance

      It would be a nice upgrade if we could filter out alliance Missions by distance .

      Having all east coast area stations, I would rather see missions within a certain radius, rather than every shared mission in Houston , Detroit and San Diego.

      Just a thought,but either way thanks for the great product you all have put out. Great game
    • Hello good sir,

      You can very much in deed do this function. I suggest you set up a dispatch centre and place it in a place of your own liking. This will give you some options and a selection of settings which include "Maximum distance of alliance missions (in KM)"

      From what I believe, yours is set to "no limit". Hence your concern. It's all preference really and this should help.

      Hope this helped and I hope I understood correctly.

      Enjoy the night, evening or morning,

      Pommy C: