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      We are currently accepting applications.
      Welcome to California 911 alliance. For this alliance we have daily alliance missions, and weekly alliance events. We utilize discord so we can communicate for alliance missions. We provide free training and alliance buildings are free to all members to utilize. Our main goal is to play and have fun! .We accept applications even if you don’t have stations in California. If we receive an application we will assume you agree to all of the rules,

      Link to the alliance to

      1. Have stations in real life locations.
      2. No cursing or name calling.
      3. Open your hospitals and other buildings to the alliance. You can charge whatever percentage you wish.
      4. Be kind to one another
      5. Pledge 10% to the alliance. This rule is enforced so we can build alliance buildings. If you are a brand new player, there will be leniency
      6. No overlapping stations

      Alliance Chief: MANHATTANBEACHFIRE

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