Specializing Platform Ladder & Type 2 Engine

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    • Specializing Platform Ladder & Type 2 Engine

      What are your guys ideas on making some of our current units more special? For instance.. The Platform Ladder & Type 2 Engine. For players under the rank of Captain they use the Platform Ladder for the most part unless they choose to buy coins and purchase the Quint that way. Right now it is just used as a Ladder Truck and should be used more as a Truck Company for it's own special needs. Truck Companies do Search & Rescue as well besides having the ladder for calls requiring it. The Type 2 is a smaller type engine and I don't see it getting used as much other than acting as a Brush Truck or Mini-Pumper and once they do come I honestly see the Type 2 becoming more nonexistent.

      So with that being said, What ideas can the community come up with to make these units more specialized so that players will want to use them more often? All opinions and thoughts are welcome!
    • For ladder trucks, the Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department has used an alternative vehicle for several years. It is called a ladder tender. The ladder tender is housed with the ladder truck, and it contains all the equipment carried on a ladder truck except for the aerial device and ground ladders. Neither the ladder nor the ladder tender has a pump or booster tank. When the ladder company is dispatched, the company officer decides which unit to take. The company does not respond as a two-piece company