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    • PM advertisings

      Hey, There been a lot of PM Advertisings / PM Recruiting going on, and we all are regardless about it since there's nothing we can do to stop it. I'd be appreciated if a developer / administrator could find a solution for this or at least explain if it's against the TOS or not?

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    • This was a big discussion with players yesterday. If it's going on in Forums we can act but if it's happening in game then the Devs have to act on it but unfortunately it isn't against the rules. We are looking into changing the rules of the game to prohibit this and also hide the members list of Alliance's from those who aren’t in that Alliance. But like I stated above currently it is not against the rules. If you feel like you're being harassed in any way I urge you to contact the Devs using the Missionchief App Support Channel or contact an Admin/Moderator about any issues. If you can please provide proof of harassment. Screenshots will definitely help as well as date and times of occurrence! Along with the name'(s) of members harassing you. We are always around so feel free to contact us anytime. I am always on here as well and very easy to get a hold of.