Bale stack fire credit earning

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    • Bale stack fire credit earning

      Thought I would make a point in saying this... However, I'm not sure if it's simply a mistake, a new way of calculating things, or I'm completely missing something. Who knows :D

      I'll compare today's new mission with two already existing ones:
      • Straw bale stack on fire - 1500 credits
      • Large field fire - 3000 credits
      • Multiple vehicles on fire - 3500 credits
      While I'm all for different varieties of missions etc, the new mission simply doesn't add up. These 3 missions require identical units, yet the credits are not in line with each other (multiple vehicles on fire doesn't always require a water tanker, so it could technically be worth less)...

      Hopefully that is clear - could this be brought to attention? Unless I'm the only one who sees it this way, this should be addressed :)
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