Storm missions

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    • Heyo, as much as I'd like to agree with this idea. I can't. Thanks for the suggestion all the same!

      Storms have many impacts when the occur, whether that be a regular storm, flash flooding or just severe weather.
      I'd very much disagree with just simply removing "Tree on the road" as that would removing the very thing that is common during storms.
      Trees fall, they love to just drop due to heat stress or when they are faced with extreme conditions such as heavy wind, rain etc. Trees fall on homes, vehicles, roads, footpaths, anywhere they grow.
      So again, when storms occur, a common call will be TREE DOWN, whether that be on a road which hinders and puts traffic at risk of accidents, or trees that have fallen or threaten homes.

      You're right, these storms could include/involve more missions. A start on some ideas would be helpful as we'd all like to know your input and ideas!
      I can start with a few we commonly get on a night of a storm:
      - Flooding Salvage
      - Water Threatening Properties.
      - Structural Collapse
      - Partial Roof Collapse
      - Ceiling Collapse
      - Leaks / Water Coming Into Home
      - Severe Weather ... the possibilities are endless really. Even if most of them are simple jobs or mop ups.

      Another thing I would suggest is removing the need for aerial platforms. It could be where I'm from, but if we can't use a ladder or roof saftey system, we might request a platform appliance saftey let us do the job. Otherwise general ladders do the trick. Such jobs I'm talking about is:
      - Unsafe Scaffolding
      - Unsafe Cladding
      - Damaged Roof

      Pom :D