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    • Realistic EMS

      hello everyone

      Just a couple suggestions.

      1. EMS missions expandable for both the patient and the call type.
      Pt Example- every mission starts and ends with the same pt code so if it's A or B you send a BLS truck. It would be cool if the pt code changes during the treatment phase to an ALS pt code now needing a ALS trick or fly car. I currently see no purpose for the fly car
      Call type Example- any mission (chest pain, fall, sick person, etc) can expanded to a cardiac arrest becuase in real life any call can be dispatched wrong or turn into a cardiac arrest. I was dispatched in real life to a routine fall and upon arrival pt was in cardiac arrest.

      2. Cardiac arrest worked on scene (longer call time not just the normal pt treatment time) and requires more units (another Ambulance, EMS supervisor if your at that level, fire truck becuase fire is a huge, and a patrol car). Where im at cardiac arrest are worked on scene(and to my understanding this is slowly becoming the new normal everywhere in the US)

      I don't know of anyone that just throws a cardiac arrest pt in the truck and runs to the hospital with 1 driver and 1 provider. Everyone i would thinks calls for help even if you don't work it on scene. If someone dose thats not in the best interest of the patient.

      Thank you let me know what yall think and if I need to clarify better.