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  • Pedro -

    good night, i have to report a situation, my missions do not appear in full !!

    that is, I have a total of 12 and only 10 appear. Does anyone know why ??

  • camokieren -

    how can we report an alliance/members we suspect cheating

    • TACRfan -

      Please contact the developers through the support channels on the app. Please supply them with as much detail as possible and screenshots where possible

  • Jonas16396 -

    Hello TACRfan,

    I try to gain a foothold in the Uk area and design the role models and vehicles that are still missing in the game.

    My only problem is I don't know which vehicles there are.

    Could you give me a list of the current vehicles?

    Then I can continue to collect the vehicles for the UK and play with you with an application.

    best regards


  • COVID19 -

    It's been 2 months since the update on the updates. Any update on the update of the updates?

  • daymatthew968 -

    Do we know where the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service graphic pack went, I'm based in that area, have been using it and would like to continue use it, but it seems to have disappeared?

  • Rucker1700 -

    Any chance of adding Bomb Squad and maybe a Police MCV?


    Mission support is down!

  • Caolan753 -


  • shep646 -

    I was wondering, is it possible to use the Platforms or Heavy Rescues on incident like tree on the roadway?

  • Locke1280 -

    In short: No Changes are planned. Own Scripts, own Grafics are allowed 4 the future. No more money, same price as now 4 premium account. They want to work together with the community in all questions, new cars, new missions and ask 4 help from the community.
    All sounds good.

  • Locke1280 -

    Try this Link from the german forum. The new Owner of this play answered all hard questions of the german comunity

  • FranceGR -

    Hi Missionchief Team and thank you for your work
    the Italian community is really very large and many new players are creating their accounts.
    Is it possible to have an Italian version of the game? this would increase the number of new players! We could help you with the translation if necessary.
    Thank you guys

  • Bander -

    I cant move a firehouse and spend many coins to do so and even tried to move trucks was told u may have answer

    • TACRfan -

      Please post in the bugs section with screen shots showing what it says when you press on move building.

  • Wolfman1988 -

    Hey TACR would you please close my rescue ambulance confusion thread as it has served its purpose please and thank you?

  • Buggs -


  • Highlander -

    Hey TACR Any update on Westershire and/or the new Kent update?

    • TACRfan -

      Unfortunately I have been really busy with work so I haven’t really worked on it lately but it is looking good.

    • Highlander -

      Well you know what they say work is better than junk (Shhhhh I just made that up on the Spot)

  • Locke12801 -

    can u check this will be ok?

  • Highlander -

    Random Question what is your Opinion on this? bluelighttim.weebly.com/upload…dp-p91-ers-ballater_3.jpg Mainly the One on the Left

  • Highlander -

    Love the Kent Mod Mate

    • TACRfan -

      Thank you, I am currently working on a new mod called Westershire, I will be releasing a new version of Kent in the future.


    • Highlander -

      Any Idea Roughly when you Plan on Releasing the New Mod?

    • TACRfan -

      I am hoping second quarter of this year but I am unsure, I am very busy with work this year

    • Highlander -

      Well it Sounds good Either way and Can't wait to see a New Version of Kent and a Brand new Mod with Kent Scripts out of Interest is the New Update to add a Return to Station Button for Fire?

    • TACRfan -

      I’m hoping so, It’s not the easiest script to add though. Same with the call out menu

  • Highlander -

    Where do you Find the Script made by Jason if Possible for the Custom Signature

  • Jayden_Russon -

    How do you have your total credits etc. in your signature?

  • firefightervfd -

    do you know if Sebastian is still working on trying to raise the number of fire stations allowed?