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    As far as i know, you have to register any works if you want them to be protected by copyright laws.

    At least these kind. You know those litthe 'c', 'tm', 'r' thingies.

    Why i should put XY names, if i have the perms?

    Your creation removed btw. And all german originated stuff as well now being removed.


    You don't have to register anything. Copyright-Laws apply automatically on all intellectual property covered by the law. And in the forum of Leitstellenspiel i only post my graphics with a big watermark containing the ©-sign...

    Since i've got dozens of templates -and not marked them where i got each, i thought its from Gregor - who gave me perms to use his templates.

    Sorry if this bothered you.


    Even if Gregor gave you permission, there are still a lot other graphics and parts of graphics that are not from him. Also his name appears nowhere in this thread (at least i didn't saw it). You can't just take other peoples work and say it's yours, without checking if you got a permission.

    +can you pls remind me where the copyrights are registered for these. I mean officially, since you mentioned legal conseqences.

    As I've created this graphic I hold all rights of that. You are not allowed to use or republish them without my permission as it is written down in §106 of the German / European Copyright law. Even if you are in the UK (or wherever else) I'm pretty sure, these laws apply on this graphic, as I am an German Citizen and the Company owning this game is also from Germany.

    Did you ever heard about Copyright ? Apparently not. That's my graphic and you didn't asked for permission. And I'm certain, that this isn't the only stolen graphic in this thread. I would recommend deleting all graphics that are not 100% yours in order to avoid legal consequences.