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    Name/Type of Mission:School request for service

    Units Required: 1 Engine , 1 Ladder 1 Medic 1 Battalion Chiefs

    POI Required: School

    Patients:25-75 % Chance


    Credit Reward:250-500

    Please give more Idea as in real life i hear lot of request for service an they send out a engine & ladder to the call!!! :)

    Midnight Emergency Responders is seeking new members to grow to be admin for the alliance...Serving and Protecting All Thou out the midnight If you think you can Handle the Midnight Hours While battling time and circumstances while attempting to save lives Join us Today!!... Message AndersonTanker your location As Wake County US county in North Carolina is taken And also Lee County County in North Carolina is also been taken by myself...we are searching for someone that has a spot in New York city {this person will be admins for the new york city area!

    Midnight Emergency Responders is seeking players that mostly play at night or early morning we are looking for a Good Admin team to Help grow this small Night time alliance if you think you can handle the Night-time call then Message AndersonChief89 ingame we can talk business they thank you and looking forward seen anyone that can help my small alliance grow with few good admin teams thank you

    U.S.Independence Fire is Still recruiting members Serving and Protecting North Carolina and surrounding states Yes this is a new alliance, but we all have to start somewhere,U.S.Independence Fire will Grow soon, no Matter what people message me i again asking to join they alliance - This is a Head up I will grow this alliance in missionchief....But i am seeking co-admin to help grow the alliance thank you!!!

    U.S.Independence Fire is Taking Co-Admin application right now, we got Hospital and Prison Building already made for the alliance, Yeah i know i Move to New york City with my new account so my name is anderson89 in game i got 3 station in New york city but plan to get more just seeking CO-admin right now to help me run the alliance--- thanks you hops to see your help grow this alliance

    Welcome to the U.S.Independence Fire...Serving and Protecting North Carolina and surrounding states..Reserved Station For Alliance Admin::Brooklyn NY {Please Speak with Alliance admin IF you wish to Have spot in Brooklyn NY Thanks you} I am Seeking Co-admin And Members as you see i just start in Brooklyn NY this area will be off limited for awhile until i get the station i need done But if you got station surrounding Brooklyn NY Then you are more then welcome to join.,,, my username is anderson89 So message me in game and let me know thanks you have great day!!! :)

    Welcome to the Eastern Emergency Services...Serving and Protecting North Carolina and surrounding states we are Looking for New member to expand Our alliancewe got Co-admin role still able Come over and apply if you want to be Co-admin please send me an message thanks you have great day!!!

    Some type of transfer system where a player can send for example cash to help with building stations etc, or you can be able to request funds via your allience, maybe say once a day.
    I feel like this could be usefull to new players to get starded if they have a friend or just in general need help.
    This could be more usefull in big alliances where people work together, and people would be able to help out.

    I dont know if this has been requested before, but I looked thorugh the forum and could not find anything.

    great idea, we could used it in Our alliance and help new people build they station..

    Instead of 400 perhaps double that or extend it to 1000? Or farther. I and another player in my alliance have stations in Florida and in order for me to respond as mutual aid I had to set up a staging area so I can get to him. I think 400 is too short.

    Nice Idea for this yeah me and Few friend will be expend our station and we could used more limited on how far the truck should go!!!

    what do you think if the firetrucks had a limited reserve of water wich have to be Fulled at the station? Or if they are in a missioni they need the water tanker or another fire truck? (For sure they would have a Big reserve of water)

    yeah i love your idea As tanker really not used much in the game but this you can Send your tanker out on many calls i starting over but when i have 11 fire station i have 3 tanker and each tanker went out on an call that may need more water on it...

    Eastern Emergency Services is looking for new members in the North Carolina and surrounding states..I am Also Looking to Promote an Co-admins Please Message me in the game if you will like to Be apart of my admins team, i start this alliance in North Carolina area as it were i was Born and Raise as an Child So if you want to Join apply today thanks, the following station is Reserved Zebulon , Wendell , Rolesville , Hopkins, Knightdale

    Welcome to the Eastern Emergency Services...Serving and Protecting North Carolina and surrounding states..We are Currently looking for Co-admins and Members that got station in North Carolina "if you are interested, please contact Firechief121 for any information About our alliance We Currently have an Prison and Hospital for the alliance..the co-admin must be active and help make the alliance grow bigger,

    Usually in the US (as far as I know, at least; if anyone knows differently please correct me) animal rescue is handled by Humane Societies and similar groups with the fire department helping by using traditional rescue methods

    We do not used Animal Rescue Unit North Carolina like Tacrfan said this game is base off of US so if we did need it then allow everyone to get it because when you get 6 fire station you get this call Animal Rescue with my Fire dept in real life they Send Engine , Ladder Chief then call the Animal Control for help now i do see that we Could used Animal Police officer Truck in Police dept were i live they run blue and white light when needed...

    Hello everyone, i know i have not got police station yet but i got prison, i was think maybe adding were we can buy an prisoner transport vehicle at the prison but allow the alliance members to used the Prison Van when needed So it be like let say they was like 7 -16 prisoner on scene and they was like 2-3 prisoner Van able to dispatch to scene to clear the prison See the prison already alliance so why not just add were admin or co-admin can buy prisoner van or bus Let hear your feed back on this Idea my friend is real life prisoner transport so this the idea i come up with something like this >…3541034/cnpca15305-vi.jpg <