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    NameHeavy Rescue + Light Boat
    PurposeWater Rescue + Heavy Rescue
    Cost20,000 Credits
    Personnel2 - 6
    TrainingLifeguard (was Swift water Rescue)
    ExpansionTech Rescue

    So pretty much the unit from the .com version of the game, cost open to discussion as the prices are different between the versions of the game, would be more realistic for some services that dont run a 4x4 and trailer, I`m thinking LFB as the FRU carry some water rescue gear.

    I had meant that the hard standing for the car would only be usable by a car, the hard standing for pods would not be able to be used for the car.
    the cost for a pod hard standing is 100,000 credits in the German version and needs 7 days to build thus allowing for differation between the different versions of the game.


    Was thinking over the weekend and cane to the conclusion that the Command Unit should be renamed as Officers Car but rather than buying another Appliance bay have a hard standing like the German version has for the pod system that can only be used for the officers car, i was thinking that it should cost 50,000 credits and take 3 days to build.

    The reasoning behind this is unlike Germany and the U.S.A. almost all officers cars are just parked in the station car park rather than in a bay.


    I think that the Command Unit needs some attention as at the moment it seems to be used more as a officers car than an actual Commannd Support.
    In Scotland(not sure about the rest of the UK) a command unit doesn`t attend unless the incident is 4 pumps or more, lesser calls are handled by either the watch cmdr. or a Station Cmdr./ Area Officer responding in a staff car.

    What does everyone else think?