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    I ended up finding some huge value in patrol routes that may or may not have been intended in-game (US Version).

    I have a Dispatch w/several fire stations covering a few hundred square miles, but only one police station. I did that because I wanted more FIre/EMS Missions than police missions, but still have some small police missions. Several Fire missions require a cop or two and from the one station, it can be 30-45 minutes IRL before the cop(s) arrives. By doing routes, I typically have cops arriving within 5-10 minutes or less.

    That's one angle. There are so many ways to play and I agree there is a lot of prep time to just have units drive around and look pretty. But figured at least there might be one use out there.

    I would often get a Type 2 Engine (T2 for continuity) and name it a Rehab or Canteen Unit. While in-game it's obviously a fire engine, I figured by adding one extra Engine (in-game) it gets the missions done a little faster, simulating a rehab assignment or unit. And it can be used on any call you might send a rehab, but the game in the future might not. I also would exclude it from AAR's.

    US&R would be an interesting addition to the game. They could expand on the building collapses to have bigger missions (than existing collapse missions) requiring the units. I'd say another expansion with the ability to toggle them on/off.

    I think SWR Rescues/Trailers cover most of what divers would go to. But generally, the idea is pretty cool.

    I seem to recall a lot more discussion about this when the expansion and Wildland "Pack 1" first came out where they discussed more coming in "Pack 2". I think wildland only stations were discussed then. I think someone suggested then even having the ability to toggle structural (or regular) missions on/off. I'm guessing either the devs found something else to work on (EMS or that weird complex thing) or after the initial call for it, things settled down and folks were okay with what they got.

    The Wildland addition to the game was really great. Expanding to stand-alone Wildland/Forestry stations makes sense because, in many areas of the US, there are no structures or types of missions normally assigned to a firehouse (with or without the Forestry Expansion). But there are many firefighters in those areas. Good examples are the US National Parks and Forests. They often fight wildfires, but there are no industrial/commercial buildings, supermarkets, gas mains, powerlines, houses, etc.

    still would like to see Paramedic staffed Engines, Trucks and Quints

    This is probably the most realistic request.

    Whether it be specific unit(s) or adding the capability of the ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus members to treat patients on whatever Fire Apparatus they're on, which would be even more realistic, is long overdue.

    Okay, I get it now. when it says, "Vehicles: 3 of 5" that means the two slots are for the trailers, even though it doesn't specifically say that.

    There is still one station with an open slot that does not have the Mass Casualty expansion and I can't buy units for it. But maybe it'll catch up soon.

    I'll pull this post in a little while and the devs can disregard it.

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    One of the EMS stations not allowing does not have the Mass Casualty expansion.

    Also, Am I reading right that if you do a Mass Casualty Expansion, you can then ONLY buy Mass Casualty units for that station?

    Finally, even if that's true, it's not allowing me to buy the units needed to pull those trailers.

    Currently, I am unable to purchase most vehicles in stations that I have purchased either an Engine-Ambulance or Rescue-Ambulance. I am including some pics below to show. In order they are:

    An Ambulance station with an available bay, no expansion, no EA's or RA's or expansions.

    A full Ambulance Station (this is normal).

    An Ambulance Station with a Rescue-Ambulance in it, but two available bays.

    A Fire Station with the Ambulance Expansion.

    I turned off LSSM to see if it something with that and it did not change anything.

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    I am having a few issues with spawned missions.

    1) Seasonal missions are spawning including Easter, Halloween, and St. Patrick's day.

    2) Police Missions are being spawned by Fire Stations (that are not complexes) and the Requirements page is indicating the Fire Station is a Police Station.

    3) A couple of other players have reported mission spawning well above their current build.

    Besides just being weird, the missions can't be completed.



    Would it be possible to allow Type 3 Engines to be visible in the game's "Firetruck" tab for Available Units?

    Currently, Type 1, Type 2, Quints, Rescue Engines, Pumper Tankers, and Ambulance Engines all show up in that tab leaving the Type 3 Engine as the only unit capable of doing Engine or "Firetruck" duties out.



    This was done as part of gameplay. As MC originated as a game that required you to "Play" on a regular basis. By allowing the player to do multiple follow-ups per vehicle, essentially makes playing automatic, allowing the player to set it and forget it.

    I'd also be curious what real-life dispatch center assigns a resource to an infinite amount of follow-ups. None I've ever worked for.

    In New England, US anyway, USCG and the state's National Guard routinely operate at local/regional incidents. Last week in Massachusetts there were several USCG assets searching for a missing swimmer off the North Shore (USCG Helo, Plane, and at least one boat). New Hampshire's National Guard routinely responds with medevac helo's into the White Mountains for Search & Rescue and medevac carry-outs; as well as provide wildland fire water drops.

    I've seen in-game as well that many players will modify their various stations by using USCG naming. While it doesn't actually modify the game or unit, it shows the concept of USCG or other specific military agencies makes sense.

    I would call that part of the gameplay. If you wanted brush units to only go to brush missions, Types 4-7 will do that and never come up as an engine. Type 4 is the ideal unit for this scenario as it does brush only and carries more water than a Type 3 with the same level of available staffing. They're also 9,000 Credits cheaper.

    I've never understood these in forums anywhere. Most of the "expert" people that post end up looking like fools posting incessantly (Not always). Maybe a joined in (add date here) would make more sense. There's a few folks with over 4 years playing and are still beginners.