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    Having played the game when there were darn near no special units, I would commonly purchase Type 2 Engines and call them Rehab Units because every engine added reduces the time on scene. Sometimes I'd call a Mobile Air Unit Rehab.

    I've done similar with Engine-Ambulances. They're just ambulances in my realistic builds, but with firefighters, counting as an additional engine.

    As for RIT, it's not necessary in the game. There isn't a firefighter down or rescue scenario or mission. I hope there never is. As said above you could call a Rescue-Engine, or whatever you want a RIT Unit and use the Custom Typing to call it that.

    I ended up getting pretty close to FDNY's alarm levels and special responses using a lot of the "Own vehicle category" option. ALL of my FDNY units are custom. Ones that don't nicely fall into a standard MC category are set up as closely as possible. The RAC's are Type-2 Engines, The Communications Support Engines run a second piece (in game) that's a MCV. The Truck Company Special Support Ladder units (SSL's) are Utilities, etc. All Ambulances are Custom as well. I don't think I did custom for NYPD, but I don't do PD alarms. I attached my ARR's and Groups. The specific units are groups and not ARR's.

    It's not 100%, but I'd say it's pretty good. It also took awhile to do and I concentrated on only one Borough with some citywide special units.

    Coins keep the game available to us. I doubt MC is the company's cash cow. We're probably subsidized by some of their other games.

    Like manfromcny said, taking advantage of sales, then 1/2 price coin days for equipment, are the key to getting the best bang for the buck. Usually, once a year, they offer a super sale that has a lot more coins than usual for the price. I always try to jump on that one and I will probably do one or two more per year. I'm positive no matter how much coining I've done, I've never paid even a quarter of the salary of one of the devs.

    Rehab units would be nice. In the mean time, I usually get a Type 2 engine, label it as a rehab unit and put a bunch of Firefighters on it. It will reduce the time everyone is on scene, simulating rehab'd firefighters working more efficiently. I can also use it as an engine if needed, especially for timed missions like fire drills, smoke detectors, concerts, etc.

    In the US, many fire departments do not have dedicated Battalion Chiefs (Division, District, etc) housed in a station. They park in parking spots, come from home, etc. Also in the game, we often have to expand a station's bays more than necessary to house these chiefs when trying to build to realistic (or semi-realistic) standards,It would make sense to change the name in the game from Battalion Chief to Chief Officer, but that's not my suggestion here.

    I am suggesting creating a dedicated bay, similar to the EMS trailers at a reduced cost (maybe in the 10k to 20k range). This bay or spot could only be filled by Battalion or EMS Chief.

    It just seems silly at times to spend an extra 100,000 credits for a chiefs car that in reality is probably at someone's house or in a parking spot.

    Buildings were included as an option for players for a few reasons.

    As new features, buildings, etc are released, some previous buildings become obsolete with some players' style or area of gameplay. This would allow some reorganization of the area, getting some of the credits back that was spent for something at the time, made sense, but doesn't anymore.

    Some players determine the area they're in, or style of play they're hasn't played out the way they wanted it to. But they aren't likely to find that out within the 24 hours we have to refund a building.

    The vehicles followed the same concepts, but their changes have been much more dramatic. For example, when I started playing there were very few combined vehicles and two required the player to reach Captain before they were available.

    Essentially, it's just another option and incentive for players to get a portion back as they become more proficient in the game, find better or different ways to do things or adjust to changes in the capabilities of the game. This game ins 2018, when I started playing is very different than today in 2022.

    Yes. You should be able to click on the units you have in the staging area. Then at the bottom of the list of staged unit, there is an orange button that says, "Delete Staging Area for Selected Vehicles". That releases the units from that staging area.

    For Premium Members, have the ability to sell your buildings and/or vehicles back in game at a percentage of their cost.

    As the game adds features, the way the game is played has changed dramatically, sometimes making your current setup obsolete.

    This is simply getting credits for disposing of a vehicle or building. It is not a recommendation for a Used Market.

    It would be under Premium Membership to entice coin purchase for a good benefit. Freeloading this option doesn't make much sense.

    I ended up finding some huge value in patrol routes that may or may not have been intended in-game (US Version).

    I have a Dispatch w/several fire stations covering a few hundred square miles, but only one police station. I did that because I wanted more FIre/EMS Missions than police missions, but still have some small police missions. Several Fire missions require a cop or two and from the one station, it can be 30-45 minutes IRL before the cop(s) arrives. By doing routes, I typically have cops arriving within 5-10 minutes or less.

    That's one angle. There are so many ways to play and I agree there is a lot of prep time to just have units drive around and look pretty. But figured at least there might be one use out there.

    I would often get a Type 2 Engine (T2 for continuity) and name it a Rehab or Canteen Unit. While in-game it's obviously a fire engine, I figured by adding one extra Engine (in-game) it gets the missions done a little faster, simulating a rehab assignment or unit. And it can be used on any call you might send a rehab, but the game in the future might not. I also would exclude it from AAR's.

    US&R would be an interesting addition to the game. They could expand on the building collapses to have bigger missions (than existing collapse missions) requiring the units. I'd say another expansion with the ability to toggle them on/off.

    I think SWR Rescues/Trailers cover most of what divers would go to. But generally, the idea is pretty cool.

    I seem to recall a lot more discussion about this when the expansion and Wildland "Pack 1" first came out where they discussed more coming in "Pack 2". I think wildland only stations were discussed then. I think someone suggested then even having the ability to toggle structural (or regular) missions on/off. I'm guessing either the devs found something else to work on (EMS or that weird complex thing) or after the initial call for it, things settled down and folks were okay with what they got.

    The Wildland addition to the game was really great. Expanding to stand-alone Wildland/Forestry stations makes sense because, in many areas of the US, there are no structures or types of missions normally assigned to a firehouse (with or without the Forestry Expansion). But there are many firefighters in those areas. Good examples are the US National Parks and Forests. They often fight wildfires, but there are no industrial/commercial buildings, supermarkets, gas mains, powerlines, houses, etc.

    still would like to see Paramedic staffed Engines, Trucks and Quints

    This is probably the most realistic request.

    Whether it be specific unit(s) or adding the capability of the ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus members to treat patients on whatever Fire Apparatus they're on, which would be even more realistic, is long overdue.

    Okay, I get it now. when it says, "Vehicles: 3 of 5" that means the two slots are for the trailers, even though it doesn't specifically say that.

    There is still one station with an open slot that does not have the Mass Casualty expansion and I can't buy units for it. But maybe it'll catch up soon.

    I'll pull this post in a little while and the devs can disregard it.

    Thanks everyone for the help,


    One of the EMS stations not allowing does not have the Mass Casualty expansion.

    Also, Am I reading right that if you do a Mass Casualty Expansion, you can then ONLY buy Mass Casualty units for that station?

    Finally, even if that's true, it's not allowing me to buy the units needed to pull those trailers.