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    Hello all. Grim title, I know. But I will be officially retiring from making graphics. Lots of thing happening in my life, all good, but I find myself with less and less free time. I did not want to just fizzle out without telling anyone so, I made this thread. I did want to leave something behind though. So, I have uploaded all of my templates to my drive. You can make whatever you want with them. You can find them here:…wdPHBaEXgzpYK?usp=sharing

    All that I ask is that if you use a template in a graphic pack you credit me. Other than that you can make anything you want with them.

    Other than that, thank you all for the fun time I have had on here, and farewell.

    CHP is on my list. Backed up from requests from being inactive for a while. I'm also in the process of redrawing the CVPI, Taurus, and explorer templates. When I do do CHP I plan on it being a ”pack”. I'll release several CHP vehicles at once.


    I have 3 new vehicles! An old Ford Expedition, A new Dodge Charger, and a 2013 Explorer. I've had the Charger and new Explorer done for a while now but I haven't publicly announced it. The Expedition is attached below. It is available in all 5 of the unmarked colors that I do on my drive. I don't have the unmarked versions of the 13' explorer or the charger yet. The blue lights unmarked versions are planned for all.

    Edit 2: Chargers:

    Edit 3: I am currently redrawing the 16' Explorer, CVPI, and Taurus.

    First off, I just wanted to thank everyone here for being so interested in my graphics. As you may have noticed I have had much time to work on graphics because of school. I will add all of you suggestions to my list, as to when they will be completed, I can't give a definite answer.

    @StuartA1984 All blue lights for my unmarked vehicles are planned and are already on my list. Currently, I have all of my unmarked explorers in Blue Lights, along with a white CVPI. You can find them here:…ctVIiqKlbkmrWk4c8-xfVSaKD on my drive.

    I'll try to work on more this weekend.

    I currently don't do any fire apparatus. However, some battalions I can do because they use Explorers. As for EMS, I want to try and get a picture my local ambulance service to make a template. I see them all the time, however it's hard to get a picture.

    I'll go ahead and work on them. I will PM you them when I finish and they will be available on my drive as well. Sorry for the mysterious disappearance, I have been busy because of school.

    You are able to build 1 dispatch center per 25 building. Not including the first one.

    0 Buildings - 1 Dispatch Center
    25 Buildings - -2 Dispatch Centers

    I'll resize them. I'll PM you.

    In other news, the CVPI Graphic is done. Special thanks to @Gabby Dawson for letting me use his picture. I'll start off with the standard unmarked versions and if you have any requests please do say. It may take me a little bit to get to them as I have some other requests to work on.

    - White
    - Light Grey
    - Dark Grey
    - Black
    - Navy


    • 1870579D-8E89-4425-AD87-5904D9A51CD5.png
    • 3DFB92CE-914F-4BC8-8B89-C5E5F31E1EDA.png
    • D37A50DF-6C89-4A44-B7F2-84E4371EE634.png
    • 141D4B48-7FAD-4785-B30F-8FA9F6485CC5.png
    • D930223E-7114-4D97-8E8A-BE7960B9A49D.png
    • 57B3E783-080B-4125-AA72-352707216E93.png
    • 02929479-FDFC-430E-B128-96B00CD84887.png
    • C1C3E6F1-D33F-43CA-90EA-4CDEDCD2F14F.png
    • 2BF95D04-F5D0-4843-8FE5-7A164CBDE82A.png
    • B9C58262-94B3-4507-862F-B9B6323823E5.png

    Sure, which departments? I'm not going to resize every car as that would take a long time. I'll only resize one of requested.

    In other news, I'm back. I will be finishing current requests that I have.

    @Wizz Finished the LAPD and LASD Explorer and Taurus. They are posted below and will be uploaded to my drive later today.

    Once again, sorry for the double message ran out of attachment space on my original post.

    LAPD Explorer
    LAPD Taurus
    LAPD Slicktop Taurus
    LASD Explorer
    LASD Taurus

    Edit: I think I'm a little burned out from making graphics, I'll finish everyone's current requests. From now on I will be DMing people directly the graphics as to not spam.


    • 41F3CE89-3F74-40BA-BFAF-F4CE59E870BA.png
    • 970FAC9D-887E-43EE-BB43-5DF0CF3A18C4.png
    • 46B57E0D-17CD-4BA3-85A4-432FC52298B3.png
    • 65977D52-F21C-473B-8D3C-ACF7CC137C38.png
    • B1663881-9A6B-4F74-9A3F-11282D30C79E.png
    • 3BC012EE-0143-4772-A206-508AA8418E39.png
    • C22B9C5F-0441-4DA0-B362-AA329EE77ACD.png
    • FD15E45C-FB38-4BDE-A3CB-EBE5036F86CE.png
    • 78C51125-1AE8-4EBC-A336-04F7FE72DA11.png
    • ABD42603-F6C5-4842-8011-486B833FD7AF.png

    @Pappy Sure.

    Powered through and finished the Taurus Template and did the Generic Unmarked versions. They are attached below. And they have been uploaded to my drive as well. Will be working on your guys' suggestions tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the Taurus.


    • E2F8B581-DEAC-4DAB-AB7B-203F68F68970.png
    • FB2CB572-3034-4FD0-A5D7-84C0FD78ECAB.png
    • E76B85E8-1723-4EA4-B4B4-9684AECBD0E3.png
    • B1955B78-B5F1-4994-9799-9AD8D7D07AF1.png
    • 52FB3674-6D88-47CA-81EE-35E1F420BBE9.png
    • 7DBFA741-D5E8-4EEE-A115-FB00703B54DF.png
    • 4C259CC0-827F-48D1-8BF7-E6C5505AE508.png
    • 7422A3ED-B011-4003-AE68-DF9CDC5F96BC.png
    • 6BEC213B-D0EB-446F-B6B7-1656906B2EFF.png
    • FEDB021D-3BAF-4F5E-9296-0FD35A5FCB01.png

    Okay, just got back.

    @Wizz I can do some LASD and LAPD stuff. I'm pretty sure Kyrs has a LAPD Fusion in his new pack. He also has a really good Bearcat as well. I can do a Explorer and Taurus for both departments and I will be making more LA related police vehicles as I make more templates.

    @FirefighterE32 I can do NYSP. I'll do a Explorer, Taurus, and slicktop Taurus.

    @Hoagie Currently I do not. They do take a long time to make since they are much larger than police vehicles. And since almost every piece of fire apparatus is made to order, very few are the same. That means to do a request I may need to make an entirely new template, which would slow the process. I can make smaller vehicles such as battalions. They would be Ford Explorers though.

    I don't upload them to the game directly, I post them in the forum. Save the images of the vehicles you want, then you can make your own graphic pack and upload them to there. On PC right click then click save image. If you are on mobile press and hold then tap save image. Then go to MissionChief, click on the image of a person near the top of the screen, then click Graphic Packs, then click Make New Graphics Pack, then you can upload everything from there. Make sure to tick the box for APNG. I don't care how you use them, just give me credit if you make them public.

    Edit: You can find all of my graphics on my Drive as well:…ctVIiqKlbkmrWk4c8-xfVSaKD

    Edmonton Police Explorer:

    Edit: I will be gone tomorrow, so I will not be able to work on any suggestions, however if you do have a suggestion don't be afraid to say. Update on the Taurus Template, it is almost done. Most likely will be done on Sunday.


    • 230039B6-43A6-40AF-8113-A15357D7B2FF.png
    • AC7817AF-13A4-45B2-AE0D-EDCA2CBDFFF3.png

    Here's all three, only about 10-20 minutes of work on each.



    • F471DA96-817F-44E7-BFE4-D7078F63046D.png
    • E4F39884-07AF-4645-BAF0-CC024156AF32.png
    • FE6CA169-6948-4F92-A143-522A1319F1B7.png
    • D3C1E0FE-36B8-4E51-A074-EA96BFD2552C.png
    • 5054C05B-3706-4F17-B2F0-4E2689B447F6.png
    • F08F77B5-6750-43B1-9BD3-5A305A25AA2D.png

    Sorry for the double message, I reached the maximum number of attachments in my first post. If anyone has any suggestions please do say.

    Last two:
    South Simcoe Police
    Windsor Police


    • 39726F60-004D-4B91-A1E4-897BD0025A68.png
    • A0164C7F-2590-4200-9A00-34061139D5F7.png
    • 450E87CD-CC57-437A-9EFF-4861716A2482.png
    • F66C89CD-1563-4F21-8F43-FE6DA4EB5439.png

    You can now view all of my graphics here:…ctVIiqKlbkmrWk4c8-xfVSaKD

    Edit: Last Batch of Canadian Explorers. If anyone else has any department suggestions don't be afraid to ask.

    (I couldn't find a picture of Central Saanich Explorer)
    Ottawa Police
    Barrie Police
    Hamilton Police
    Kingston Police
    London Police


    • A3F673EA-AAED-47A3-A0F3-4A7B93F3DA0B.png
    • F6245B87-7646-4D20-A3FD-C6A85E8E608E.png
    • DAC90206-AD6F-4D46-87EC-ED6D0B51AD8F.png
    • 74D31421-7107-4742-A637-B83DCB757FD9.png
    • 28256E6E-A296-43CB-AB37-F6E2FCFFF444.png
    • 1BAD9CA1-EFAA-428F-83A9-23ECCF884366.png
    • 954AF118-0560-49FB-B28C-5C3C63A83CEE.png
    • B91EA7F6-7BA2-4EC2-95FE-8053AD158D33.png
    • F89F7B3B-5B2F-48C8-87AE-193DBA244172.png
    • D3D9EA48-34B7-491A-8105-34CC6E4C63B8.png

    Second Batch of Canadian Explorers. This one only took a couple minutes because I had some already made.


    York Regional Police
    West Vancouver Police
    Abbotsford Police
    Victoria Police
    Saanich Police

    Working on more.


    • 6A665BCE-49E5-480E-BF08-840A29C4D32A.png
    • 1DBB27E3-2AE8-4A78-BB88-9FBB2137679F.png
    • C5541B78-9FF1-4F9C-96DD-D75871BA0FFD.png
    • C56798C8-A6E4-46FF-B7B7-9C0FEC2578AE.png
    • A94A70EB-0E90-4F26-8F6F-E0B845A58706.png
    • AB37B4EE-A266-4157-A680-0DDA1B1EB550.png
    • 752C63AA-5F76-4D07-92FB-01CE1F5060F4.png
    • F30FC1DB-41D5-4017-B6ED-3076E36854DB.png
    • BCA3FF99-282A-4C56-90F4-0799150EA50A.png
    • 68E46ED0-646D-4B4E-AAD5-FF91CAD121A4.png

    Okay, first batch of Canadian explorers.


    Durham Regional Police
    New Westminster Police
    Ontario Provincial Police
    Peel Regional Police
    Port Moody Police

    Working on more.


    • 6B914DD2-3194-49AE-98E9-9F882336CE97.png
    • C8043E84-8756-4455-BCC6-805D1B1A66B6.png
    • 874F619C-1C6D-4E08-AD15-60391DDFD2CD.png
    • 5696E750-9A49-46E3-9573-37F524F40A03.png
    • F20F6DB4-AA49-4B9C-BFA1-9A53D64755B1.png
    • A9A25AC9-9E0F-47AB-B336-A6E94C601D70.png
    • AEDE1363-242E-4315-AE23-4682B99A31E0.png
    • 40FC932F-E5D9-4A53-909A-58668A9989A9.png
    • 83D19184-D3D4-45DD-9933-C343C119D253.png
    • 3F5D047E-A56E-4F3F-994D-38E7CA7DA3AB.png

    @ElonMuskMinusTheIQ I think I know what you are talking about. As to answer your question, it's possible that I will make one. However, it may not be for a little while.

    @hawker5 That's a long list, I like the challenge. I'll start working on them, I won't get them all done today. It may take me a couple days.

    Philadelphia Police and Chicago Police Slicktop attached below.


    • 292A7AAE-5096-429D-ADAF-5B3BFC79B411.png
    • 9920C8BE-8B56-4458-B2D6-53EAC592476E.png
    • 1AF8125C-24AD-41CB-A915-4C548C052C52.png
    • 67891B3F-EFF5-4CCA-A002-E1825948C631.png