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    All my vehicles are flying across cities. Much faster response time but I doubt people like having emergency vehicles plowing through their living rooms enroute to a call.

    Yes, when higher multiple alarm calls go through such as a 3rd alarm or higher, sometimes units are dispatched a few times over a few days. So what you are seeing is C42 being dispatched and leaving the scene and maybe new shift starts and is sent back for fire watch etc. Fire dispatch also dispatches others units and will send them in for a few hours for overhaul or fire watch and are sent back to he haul for shift change or cleanup and resent back out to relieve another unit. Hope this helps.


    Hello everyone,

    I didn't think this thread would get much response and its blown up. Many many thanks for all your suggestions and tips etc. Hopefully I can assist anyone who is looking to build in Canada, as I have most of BC and Ontario built up.

    Thank you so much Dan for providing information on what you do for NYPD and FDNY. Helps a bunch in regards to naming and placements. The ESU idea makes perfect sense and I will definitely be building in that way you have done. As for your question in naming FDNY, I have just named each station for the apparatus within. For example, FDNY E163 / L83 / PK163 which is Purple K 163.

    With stations that house multiple units, I just add only the main units for the title. As for naming the units themselves, Its just FDNY Engine 163. Hope this helps.

    Pappy, Thank you so much for the information and advice. Its similar to Dan's and it will help me build NYPD when I get enough credits. If you want information about the Transit Bureau I am happy to pass it along. I only used small stations for the Transit and added 1 supervisor and 5 patrol. I didnt add the supervisor as Sheriff though. I havent got any Sheriff calls in New york yet, so maybe I should make the Supervisor the Sheriff trained? I haven't checked, do you know if Manhattan or Staten Island etc have their own sheriff stations?

    A question I have is in regards to naming NYPD Patrol units, if a precinct has multiple sectors such as Alpha to Sierra, do you guys just add one patrol unit to each alphabet? Such as 77Alpha, 77 Bravo, 77 Charlie, etc or do you go 77 Alpha 1, 77 Alpha 2, and then go 77 Bravo 1, 77 Bravo 2...etc. I was thinking of having 20 patrol units for each station and if a station has K9 or Swat involved, then it would be 20 patrol, #of K9 and # of Swat depending on information I can find. Basically I did 20 patrol units per station, then i am using up 20 alphabet letters constantly with just different precinct #.



    Dan Lorenzo & Pappy,

    Thank you so much for your input and information. Greatly greatly appreciated.

    I do have some questions that I hope either of you can answer in regards to your setups.

    Currently I have 12 NYPD Transit Stations posted in actual locations. I have 5 units plus a supervisor in each station. (Small Stations). I currently use them for all police responses as I haven't set up the Precincts yet. Do any of you have the Transit police set up? If so, how have you set this up? Any suggestions or opinions on if I should improve the transit section or leave it they way I have it now?

    As for the Precincts, I was thinking of having 20 patrol units per precinct as this is similar to the police stations I have created up in Canada. NYPD AND FDNY is the only US department I have mostly completed, but am planning to progress to other departments throughout the US.

    The Precincts with the ESU stationed, how many personnel do you have for the ESU? Are they trained just in SWAT?

    AS for the K9 unit at the ESU Precinct, how many K9 units do you have there?

    Currently I have posted the ESU Tactical and K9 units at Floyd Bennett Field and dispatch them when needed. Obviously this is time consuming so adding them to the ESU Precincts is a brilliant idea. Just to confirm, its one SWAT SUV per truck with 2 personnel on board and SWAT SUV for REP with another 2 personnel on board? Or do either of you have more personnel on these units? Also, when you dispatch, how many trucks and reps do you send to a call? Do you have a SWAT RIg with 6 personnel as well as the trucks and reps?

    Using the SWAT SUV for the Truck and Rep is a brilliant idea as well. I was holding off until a heavy rescue for police was created but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    What rules have you established when dispatching> Such as how many units dispatched or do you just base it on the game requirements? Its my understanding the more units you send the quicker the call gets completed?

    Dan, you mentioned you have a SWAT Armoured vehicle, do you have that at each ESU Station or just one? Have you added 6 personnel to each one already or use it when needed only?

    Sorry for the amount of questions, its just that I am trying to make the NYPD as most realistic as possible.

    I do have FDNY completed so if any of you have questions, please do ask, I am happy to help. I have most cities in the Toronto Area as well as the Greater Vancouver area if anyone is aiming to build north of the border as well.

    Thanks so much for time.

    Much appreciated.


    Hello all,

    I have a question or two or three, depending on the replies I get. Who here has built up the NYPD for their game? What buildings and apparatus do you use for the ESU Trucks and repeater trucks? The ESU trucks are supposed to have one officer and one Sergeant and the repeater trucks are supposed to have two officers.

    Also, NYPD ESU has medical squads and SWAT Bearcats and a construction Accident Response vehicle.

    Who here has this built up and what buildings did you use and what apparatus? I mean, did you use a regular police station and just use Swat vehicles for this, or has anyone used the fire department options and renamed them for police use?

    The reason I ask is because I am a little confused on how to build this up. The ESU trucks are basically Heavy Rescues and the repeaters are small radio type vehicles so maybe Utility? But they need to be manned by police personnel. How is this possible with our current options?

    I wont be able to send these vehicles to calls requiring SWAT as they are manned by fire personnel, so is there a way to man fire vehicles with police personnel to respond to these calls?

    Hope this makes sense and any advise and or comments is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    Hi EMS Medic.

    I was thinking that too about not matching as the games calls and reality don't quite match certain departments.

    I've got Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton all completed. Got most of Greater Vancouver area completed too. Recently completed FDNY.

    If you need any information for Toronto, just ask, happy to help.

    Do you individually pick each apparatus for a call or how do you dispatch your units?


    Yes yes yes. EMS medic you are hitting the nail on the head. Exactly what I was referring to. Thank you.

    Now this AAR stuff which Dutch FireFighter was very kind in explaining is somewhat making a little sense now. Thank you for that. I will relook into AAR to see if I can create for my setup.

    If anyone out there has a set up for Toronto Canada or surrounding areas or even Vancouver Canada and have AAR set up, would mind sharing to help give me a visual idea as well would be awesome.

    Thank you all. Much appreciated.



    Hey all.

    Thanks for the replies. I must be honest, I really don't understand how the AAR works. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm not sure how I could use it for this alarm assignment. Basically how things work here in Canada , especially in Toronto is this:

    First dispatch of units could be a normal structure fire response with 4 engines, 1 ladder, 1 rescue and Battalion. First arriving units on scene relay their findings to the Battalion and he/she requests for a second alarm response so another 2 engines, 1 ladder, 1 Hazmat, 1 command and another Battalion.

    So with the first units on scene, there could be an option for a second alarm response pop up or something like that.

    My issue is I have multiple cities so if I have any understanding of the AAR it would send the nearest unit which could be in a different city rather than the city I'm in since the unit could be closer than the one in the actual city. Does this make sense or am I rambling on?

    I believe Tylerk has the idea I'm referring to. That seems to make sense. The AAR option I can't see it as I still can't process how the AAR works. Someone would have to spell it out dummy style to me or sit me down and create them using my cities for me to get a better understanding.

    Hope this makes sense. And if anyone can really dummy down the AAR for me, that would be super.



    Hello all,

    Hopefully this is not a repeat, as I have checked and didn't see anything related. Please delete if I have made a duplicate.

    My idea is to have alarm Assignments. When one of our calls expands, an option for expansion would be 1st alarm, 2nd alarm, 3rd alarm etc. This way, we can follow the actual departments policy for apparatus assignment based on alarm level and dispatch appropriate apparatus making it more realistic.

    Any suggestions or opinions on this?



    Thanks for your like and suggestion Semper.

    Sounds good to me. Having the option to go to code 1 I feel would make this more realistic.

    Hopefully this is considered for future updates.



    Hello all,

    An idea I have is to have an option when dispatching units to either respond emergency (lights/sirens) and routine (no lights/no siren).

    For example, a check call could be a routine response where immediate response is not required. Or a medical but it's not life threatening.

    When dispatched, click the option whether it responds code 3 emergency or code 1 non emergency.



    HI Ryan,

    So I have found only two images for Toronto Fire. I cant seem to find my original file for some odd reason. I will keep searching.

    In the meantime, I have attached a rescue engine and Squad for Toronto Fire. I use the rescue engine image for all pumpers and the squad images for the 5 Squads Toronto has. I know I have more, just finding them is my current mission. Hope this helps. If you can provide exactly which image you need for what vehicle then it would help to narrow down and send those exact images when I do find this mysteriously disappearing file.


    Hi Ryan,

    I seem to have a bad memory. I think the graphic packs I have for FDNY is Krys small graphic pack. As far as I'm aware it's free for anyone to use as long as he is credited for being the maker of them. I can look into sending them to you for sure. I'm not sure Krys pack is available anymore or am I wrong on that?

    Also if I can't send them to you via email, as I am not sure how to do that, I will figure out a way to send them for each apparatus. If that works for you?

    As for the TFS graphics pack. That one is still up in the graphics pack Toronto Fire services. I had a friend make up these graphics for me and I posted them for all use as they wish. I can look into sending these for you as well


    Hi Ryan,

    Looking forward to this video.

    If you and your son are interested, it would be cool to see what Toronto fire has for apparatus in each district, especially the rarely used and special vehicles they have and what each apparatus is mainly used for? For example do they have a trench rescue vehicle, how often is is called out and does it run other calls such as medicals if it's the closest unit? Or what type of calls is the Hazmat used for besides Hazmat calls?

    Would this be something that would interest your son to investigate? Otherwise just keep doing what you do. Great videos.


    Hey Ryan,

    Does your son happen to know what happened to A113? Is station 113 now just a single pumper station? I moved the command vehicle over to station 116 and also moved airlight over to station 111.