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    “First of all I want to thank you for the last 5 years. I've really liked to make graphics to this game, but for some time I have been tormented by various emotions (rather not very positive) and that is why I think, it is now time to let it go.
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    Any one else concerned with this?

    I'm currently using this as an EMS Supervisor vehicle.

    Can you add this vehicle to a fire station without an ambulance extension?

    No, you need the Ambulance extension to utilize this vehicle

    I like the idea of this. As for my self who gets most of my funds from my ambulance services, I run out of hospital space really quick. When I do I wish I could turn off my EMS so I can only get PD and FD calls rather than receiving more patient transports which I can't send anywhere.

    I think it’s a fantastic idea. However. UCC’s should be able to specialize in Pediatrics since there are actual pediatric urgent cares in the real world.

    I'm reviving an idea that 2 people have suggested one that hasn't gotten really any recognition. With the addition of the UCC's it's about time that the EMS aspect has a little more focus towards the pediatric side of things. With the addition of the Pediatric Specialty to UCC's and hospitals and opening up more calls for these specialties. Some idea's are/were pediatric unresponsive, pediatric fever, pediatric injury, pediatric burn, and pediatric fall. With that we can have specialized UCC's and pediatric hospitals for these patients. Along with adding pediatric patient transfers from the UCC's. I've included the two links from previous posts for idea's like this to help give some insight on this idea.…hlight=pediatric#post3106
    New Missions and POIs for misson

    That's noted, but how would you intend to implement the addon, require all ambulances to have an EMT trained person on board?How would having an EMT trained person help? It's already been noted that changing the mission speed is beyond the capability of the game.
    I agree that new EMS 'stuff' would be nice, but we have to be realistic on how it's implemented

    Obviously ambulances will come staffed with already trained EMT's, from ambulance stations. However fire stations with the ambulance addon will most likely need this training to staff their rigs, bringing in the paramedic course. This feature of EMT training for personnel, if one person on the rig has EMT training, when they get on scene they can treat for a code A or B patient. The only issue is if they need transportation, that's when an ambulance comes in to take the patient to the hospital.

    I would like to recommend EMT training at the Fire Academy. With this training, we would be able to train firefighters on our engines to the level of EMT. This will give our rigs the ability to respond to BLS calls and reduce the need for fly cars. However if the patient ends up needing transport an ambulance, either BLS or ALS will be needed. Some cities in the US are requiring firefighters to be trained at the level of EMT, and some fire companies require a paramedic or EMT-I to be on an apparatus to keep ALS capabilities for all units. I believe EMT training which can be obtained through the fire academy would be a great addition to the game!

    Apologies if this has already been brought up. I dug a little through the forum before posting this.

    Larger buttons, only for phone browsing though? Otherwise when dispatching on a PC, they won't be enough space for plenty of units.

    I'd agree, though I use my Surface book to play this as well and the buttons on there are pretty small too. I'd say just add something in the settings like "Larger Button Size for Touch Screens" Which could double the size of buttons when selected.

    I’d like to make a suggestion of making the buttons for the Alarm and Resonse and Regulations larger. This could be for the web browser or the iOS. I’m mostly thinking for iOS due to smaller screens. I tend to accidentally hit the wrong buttons. Or add something in the settings to adjust the size of these buttons.

    • I've been a part of my alliance (U.S. Emergency Services) for over a year now. I just got back from not playing for several months. Prior to my break my alliance built a jail (St. Brides Correctional Center) In Virginia, USA. I was able to transport prisoners there before leaving. but now am unable to do so. Alliance member says the building is up and operational.
    • Screenshot in the attached PDF
    • Started a week ago when I first got back, could be longer.
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    • Chrome and iOS
    • NY Rescue - Small Edition
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