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    Unfortunately this bug is still happening, even after the 2x credits, lag and extra volume of people has eased. I'm getting it with many units, but my ambulances seem to be suffering a lot for some reason... :huh:

    Can we have confirmation that this is on the list of things that the developers will look at please?

    Thought I would make a point in saying this... However, I'm not sure if it's simply a mistake, a new way of calculating things, or I'm completely missing something. Who knows :D

    I'll compare today's new mission with two already existing ones:

    • Straw bale stack on fire - 1500 credits
    • Large field fire - 3000 credits
    • Multiple vehicles on fire - 3500 credits

    While I'm all for different varieties of missions etc, the new mission simply doesn't add up. These 3 missions require identical units, yet the credits are not in line with each other (multiple vehicles on fire doesn't always require a water tanker, so it could technically be worth less)...

    Hopefully that is clear - could this be brought to attention? Unless I'm the only one who sees it this way, this should be addressed :)

    As said above, you can play on any version of the game you like. Your only issue is finding an alliance on the U.S. version based in Germany - there are probably a few, just have to search through the alliance list :thumbsup:

    As for the hospital issue... Until you either have enough credits to build your hospital or join an alliance, I suggest you simply select the 'leave without transport' option when it asks you to transport a patient. Note that this will only reward you 250 credits (instead of 500), but you can at least move on and attend other missions.

    For the number of missions you are getting - the game bases that off the service with the most stations +1. E.g. if you have 7 fire stations and 2 ems you will have a maximum 8 missions (7 fire + 1), or if you have 10 police and 5 fire stations you will have 11 missions maximum (10 police + 1).

    Hope that helps... :)

    I can see both sides to this...

    On one side, yes of course it would be nice to see some major updates to the game. I doubt anyone would disagree with that :thumbsup:

    But on the other hand - little nice features, fixes etc are always good. It's like creating a computer program which is full of error codes that constantly make it crash, yet the developers continue to build it and are focused on new features :| You need to fix the little things before moving to the more complicated side of things. That's particularly true for a new group of people who are doing things for this game now! They need to work their way up to the big inclusions, with several 'steps' along the journey to improvement.

    the mass casualty unit can only be built for every 25 EMS stations so you can only have 1 for your first 25. Then 2 for the 50 EMS stations. If I am wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.

    Slight correction - you can purchase 1 for every 20 EMS stations you have, or 1 for every 15 with a premium account :thumbsup:

    EMS rescue is like a heavy rescue, just for the ems side of things. It can also treat to an extent, but cannot transport. Mass casualty is used for big incidents with lots of patients, can transport 6 patients at a time :thumbup:

    I'm nearly certain that information is accurate, but someone else feel free to correct the details if necessary.

    Yep! Once the airport extension has been completed, the ARFF vehicle will appear in the vehicle market in a new tab called 'airport' :D

    Couldn't agree more - options are there for players, just like there are dozens of car manufacturers and types. People like different things. Some like things run a certain way, some prefer a smaller group over a large group, the list goes on...

    Minor details can sometimes make a big difference, hence why there are so many alliances. Friendly competition is always good :P

    The officer down call for some reason has an icon which leads me to believe it's a fire on the map, when it's not... Could this be brought up? 8)

    Just something minor, but would really appreciate it. Wiping out errors and improving little things is appreciated more than you would expect!

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    Something that I've never read about or heard of, but I'm experiencing it :/

    For some unknown reason, the majority of my police cars have been given a custom graphic that I have never used before. Another odd thing is that where you can usually see your uploaded graphics at the bottom of the 'edit vehicle' page, there's nothing there. I've got no explanation...

    The graphic in question is from @Krys pack 'NY Rescue - animated". It is the type 1 engine graphic.

    It all started about 2 hours ago, so I'm happy to wait a bit and see if they go back to the custom graphics that were already there. It is happening on multiple browsers etc. Is anyone else getting the same thing, or have experienced it in the past?

    Unfortunately none of your vehicles would really be classified as an 'emergency vehicle'.

    They're all more like the aftermath of a scene, like the coroner example that has been suggested in the past. This is primarily an emergency response management game. For that reason, it is unlikely to see them implemented... Good writing though, I can see you put in the effort :D

    This is still occurring for me, and seems to have increased to be more frequent over the last week or so. Can it be looked into? :D

    Totally agree! It's the same when you dispatch all your fire/police units to a large building fire, and in the mean time patients appear. I don't tend to scroll back through my missions until the next time I play the game... So all those units are sitting there waiting for ems :D

    As you suggested, some sort of notification in the radio section is needed to notify the player that ems resources are required at a mission!