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    Name/Type of Mission: Crash on the Highway -- All services

    Units Required: 3 Police patrols, 1 fire engine (50%), 1 heavy rescue (50%)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Highway

    Patients: 2-8


    Credit Reward: 1200

    May I suggest also 1 HazMat? :)

    Name/Type of Mission: Amusement Park Ride Stuck

    Units Required: 1 Fire Engine, 1 Platform, 2 Heavy Rescue, 2 patrol cars

    POI Required: Amusement Park

    Patients: up to 20

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2500

    Name/Type of Mission: Unconscious Person (Caller Hangup Expansion)

    Units Required: Ambulance

    POI Required:

    Patients: 1

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 400


    Name/Type of Mission: Kidnapping (Caller Hangup Expansion)

    Units Required: 5 patrol cars

    POI Required: “none”

    Patients: up to 3

    Prisoners: up to 2

    Credit Reward: 1800

    Name/Type of Mission: Apartment Fire - Fire, Police, EMS

    Units Required: 3 fire engines, 1 platform, 1 battalion, 2 patrol cars

    POI Required “none”

    Patients: 0-8

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 1200

    Expandable in: House Fire

    Hi, I’ve discovered that an user is playing using custom skins that I’ve created and doesn’t want to delete them. I don’t remember, is this against some rules of the game? Or better, do MissionChief’s rules talk about custom vehicles skins property? What do they say about?


    To my knowledge no one said it's cheating. Sebastian hasn't developed it yet because he isn't big on combination units as it would make the game easy.
    But this unit isn't a loss as it's a possibility it could be added in a Wildland Update. Mod team is already aware of this topic as it's been brought up tons of times.

    I earned few millions since when I started to play, then for me is easy to purchase as many tankers I need/want. It wouldn't make the game too easy, it would only make the game a little bit more realistic. I don't want Engine Pumper, I wish that 3/4 engines can make 1 tanker... most of the people play in large cities, which have many engines that support the rescue engines with tons of water. Here in Rome we have 1/2 tankers and many "Type 2 fire engine" that contain 8/12.000Liters of water, while the tankers contain 20/30.000Liters. It's unrealistic send 30.000liters x 2 or 3 for some calls... I can send out 5, 6, 10 type 2... that is realistic and maybe costs more than 1 tanker.

    I think it could be implemented like the timed missions but with a short time, like 5/10 minutes depending from the A-E code. If I don't get to the patient the mission could give the same text we get when we don't send the right units to the timed missions...

    There is not a way to do this, if you build stations farther away from each other they will be more spread out, not entirely sure why you would want missions farther away.

    It's more realistic. Usually in most of the times it takes 5 or 6 minutes (sometimes more) for the units arrive on the scene