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    bummer using the ARR hotkey doesn't designate a pumper tanker singly to use as the lightforce enigne. thats the way I been doing it for the last year along with the taskforce key. I was just trying to see if there were other routes others have tried. to do a true lightforce in game its more of a confusing task locating the correct unit then dispatching it. maybe one day the devs might come up with an extra selection for pumper tankers in the ARR...

    It should if you require 1 tanker. Have you had it in there as an engine?

    I know if you have in your aar 1 rescue. It will pull a rescue engine or a rescue boat.

    We Do have Engines, Rescues, and Ladders in Minnesota that will seat up to 10-12 Members. Not every single unit does. But I know of 1 Engine, 1 Ladder, and 1 Heavy Rescue on Volunteer Departments that will seat that many.

    and they are no Quantum's

    Pierce Lance does Make a Larger Cab for rigs as well.

    The Engine is a Spartan Toyne

    The Rescue is a E-One Hush

    The Ladder is a Spartan/LTI

    I know we have some larger Pierce Lance Cabs not sure which is the largest Engines or Ladders

    I only use coins to purchase Fire Stations. I lost track of how many I am at. It is near 1500 fire stations. For the most part I am realistic. Station Locations are all exact location as current, Future or former Fire stations to the best of my research. However. Some stations do not have in them what they have in real life. Personally I find this impossible. Minnesota is my largest set up. There are 866 fire departments (Departments not stations) in Minnesota. Out of those there are only 5 official real hazmat teams covering the entire state. Mainly in the twin cities. Sure some of the larger departments have a small set up for hazmat but if anything big comes in they request the closest hazmat team be started. So in alot of my just a tad bit bigger cities I do have hazmat teams.

    I also use all multi purpose units. Quints, Rescue Engines, and pumper tankers. That really extremely helps. In my major cities any of the stand along companies are either a quint or pumper tanker. Any of the double house companies are rescue engine and pumper tanker or rescue engine, quint. Since I am not sure I am going to do a wildland set up. I have recently just started making some of my pumper tankers brush trucks in rural areas.

    In real life I know there is not an ambulance at every fire station in Minnesota. But there is ambulance coverage. So in my set up I am just placing 1 als medic rig at every fire station. With the mass Cass units and EMS chief at most of my hospitals.

    Mobile commands seem to be a thing of the past atleast in Minnesota they are a dying breed. But again in my setup I placed them at every little bit larger set up. If I only placed them at cities that officially had a MCV I would have some cities with a 7-8 hour response time for a MCV.

    I have a call I am currently responding too. Due to stations in that are not completely set up yet I have 3 different cities responding. Looking at the response times I was a little confused why it was so long.

    I believe there is some sort of glitch here. I responded from the crosby station a medic the call is in cuyuna. And you can see the route it took.

    they already have 2/3 of these. The paramedic engine and heavy rescue unit. (Not a paramedic staffed heavy rescue if that is what you mean)

    I also have fire apparatus that like to drive thru waterways to get to calls.

    My miami dade set up. One fire station is on an island. If I get a good call on the island. I get plenty of vehicles that drive thru the ship canal to get there.

    My Large Fire Boat or Rescue Boats have not moved in over 6 months. I have 3 of each. I have a Boat load of POI's but still nothing. I thought maybe it was just a winter thing in Minnesota you know boats don't run thru the Ice on the lakes.

    I wanted to wait until I got to a Computer for easier typing.

    The main Benefit's for Dispatch Center for me personally it varies by user are as follows.

    • if you have a premium account you can control all hiring from the Dispatch center for stations. you can hire automatically every night until you get to a set # of personal. Whereas if you click on a Fire station to hire you can only hire up to 3 people aka 3 nights worth.
    • If you have different area's set up and want different resources for my set up I have Police Fire, EMS, ARFF, Water Rescue all in Minnesota. outside of Minnesota I do not have anything other then Fire Stations. In your Dispatch center you can check a box that only sends units for what you have. Example to this would be: if I do not have the box checked for my Miami Dispatch center, it can and will send me call requirements that I simply cannot complete, such as calls requiring Police, EMS, Boats. Which is the largest Benefit for dispatch centers.
    • That is all I can think of currently off the top of my head.

    I believe what he is trying to say. Is set the call speed per station. Example an FDNY station call volume set higher then podunkville middle of no where everyone related to everyone town population 100. Who in real life said city goes out 5 times a year.