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    • station count/25 dispatch centres

    How do you interpret this line? I have 27 but some centers have less than 10 firehouses and others have over 60.

    To answer your question for every 25 stations you can have a dispatch center. If you have 24 stations 1 dispatch, if you have 25 stations youay build a second one. There is no limit how many stations you have assigned to that I have some dispatch centers with 300-400 stations assigned to it.

    I asked Several Months ago about this. did not see anything. Curious if there is anything in the works for increasing the Total # of allowed Fire Stations. I am getting closer to the limit and need to start picking and choosing cities I really want vs the ones I need.


    1196 Fire Stations (and Counting) over 100 Should be built by March

    28 Police Stations

    60 Hospitals

    3 Police Choppers

    3 EMS Choppers

    400 EMS Expansion into Fire Stations.

    3 Large Fire Boat

    3 Rescue Boat

    Not sure how many EMS Garage's (Just EMS Sup and mass Cass unit I am up too.)

    Rescue/Engine: anything requesting a fire truck or rescue truck.

    Quint: anything requiring a platform or fire truck.

    Pumper/Tanker: anything requiring a tanker or fire truck.

    Platform will only respond as a platform truck, it will not as as a fire truck.

    Not sure type 1 or 2 engines.

    Mobile command can act as a chief of a MCV.

    Utility will act as a rescue for certain calls.

    A Heavy Rescue/Boat combo unit will act as a rescue unit.

    A personal transporter also acts as a heavy rescue I do not. Own any I have just heard this one.

    Those are all the ones I know off the top of my head and can type while mobile.

    If you send a multi purpose unit such as a quint to a call it will act as both a fire truck and platform. Example: smoke investigation call requires 1 platform 1 fire truck and 1 chief. If you send a quint and a chief that will clear the call out.

    The rescue truck you sent does it happen to be a rescue/Engine?

    Quints will act as a fire truck as well as platform.

    Mobile command will act as an mcv and a chief.

    Rescue Engine will act as rescue and fire truck.

    Pumper tanker will act as a fire truck and a tanker.

    For a smoke investigation call. I send a quint and a chief. The call requires a fire truck, platform and chief. I send the 2 and it will clear out just fine.

    No idea what that guy has taken, but this game does need more premium features - I personally think this actually fits the game but who knows.

    he stated his idea. I posted my thoughts. So apparently we can't do that now on the board?

    I agree premium features do need way more features. I have been a prem for 2 years now. And have also stated several ideas. Agree don't agree with mine I don't give a damn, I didn't agree with this.

    My take. This game is not to make amazing high scoring credits and rank up the score board. This game is to build out emergency services in areas of interest and to have fun doing it. I have over 1100 stations spread out across the usa. Very rarely does my alliance run a large scale mission. We are not there to credit up.

    I for one checked those to thing stated. I only have police ems arff set up in minnesota. I get debris on runway calls in detroit baltimore iowa elizabeth Nj and portland so far. Those are all on different dispatch centers and the box is checked. Confirmed all stations for those cities are on the correct dispatch center

    We just expanded in the last couple of weeks to the east coast. We are now in new Jersey and Baltimore. soon boston, and virginia will also have coverage.

    We have no requirement for how active you are. This is a game. Family, home life, work and everything else should come before games. For me this is a game that I can just sit back relax and play for hours to relieve stress from work.

    We do require stations to be in the exact location as a real life current former or future station.

    With that being said we are also not the most active alliance in the game. We do have large scale missions, storm events at members requests.

    Any questions let us know. Thanks.

    correct which is exactly what I did. I bought 5 vehicles made 200,000 credits, hired on 50 people. And can't remember the 4th I completed. Those are just the ones I know I missed. I had plenty of time left to complete them over 24 hours I remember that.