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    I just looked I am also having the same issue with one of my alliance prisons. I do not use this prison so I do not know forsure how long the person has been locked away for. But I noticed them on Saturday there.

    I plan to use the support app via mobile

    So with my Idea, said member would not have access to the funds at all.

    The alliance right now would build say 10 Hospitals. Said member would say hey I want to purchase blah blah blah hospital. The alliance admin or the finance admin would then begin the process. basically send a direct message of some sort to the member wishing to purchase the building. the member would then accept the transaction. and it would then take the credits directly out of the account of the member and purchase the building. It could be as soon as the credits are received in the account then finance admin would final approve the sale or would not need approval

    I think it would be beneficial to new members if they had an option to purchase alliance buildings. It takes so long for a hospital to complete full expansion level.

    With main admin approval to sell it I believe this is something that should be looked into.

    The new member would request to purchase said hospital, prison(but it would be transformed into a jail after purchased) or school.

    The admin would have to control this sale the funds used to purchase said building would then go into the aliance funds. I do not see a way to do this via coins.

    after posting thoughts.

    They also would be able to sell it back to the alliance for full refund with approval of admin again.

    It will not allow me to look at it on my phone I will have to check when I get back. I will be honest I am not fully familiar with there set up. I only visited one time last year and stopped at several stations.

    With premium account. If possible we should be able to rename calls. This would be a perk.

    Reason being. I just handled a petrol fraud call, and a alcoholic call.

    Being able to rename those to what we actually call it in our area would be nice. There are several other calls I can think of I would rename.


    The only Reason Why I would back it. would be exactly the same as a Quint, Rescue/Engine, or Pumper/Tanker. it can double as both. Otherwise I agree with Winwin, you can just name a K9 Sherriff K9

    I also live in a county where a sherrifs office has patrol cars and K9s in addition to many other divisions.

    Gooochy in my county. The sherrifs department has the townships and 3 cities that they cover in the far southern part. They cover actually a very large area. But they do the exact same thing as patrol officers do down there. They respond to the same calls, traffic stops, and yes sometimes respond county wide m/a with the K9 officer. The sherrifs office does have a dvision that handles the court calls, evictions.... Etc. Obviously everywhere is different.

    And volunteer. I do see what you are asking. However I am not sure if they would of not. Originally the sherrifs units were not even designed to be sherrifs. The devs made them and they were looked at as supervisors. When we first got them they couldn't even transport. I mean never say never however. I wouldn't hold your breath on this one.

    Not sure about every state but Minnesota. Even state patrol has K9's, Swat Teams, negotiators. And they cover parts or the state as the only law enforcement around. They are contracted.

    Hopefully that helps.

    Chesapeake and virginia beach virginia have been added to the areas covered along with brookings SD.

    For a full list of states we cover check out our intro page.

    I will not lie to you and say we are the most active alliance in the game but we have fun as it should be after all this is just a silly addicting game.

    Our main rule is station locations must be in correct location otherwise come check us out.

    • station count/25 dispatch centres

    How do you interpret this line? I have 27 but some centers have less than 10 firehouses and others have over 60.

    To answer your question for every 25 stations you can have a dispatch center. If you have 24 stations 1 dispatch, if you have 25 stations youay build a second one. There is no limit how many stations you have assigned to that I have some dispatch centers with 300-400 stations assigned to it.

    I asked Several Months ago about this. did not see anything. Curious if there is anything in the works for increasing the Total # of allowed Fire Stations. I am getting closer to the limit and need to start picking and choosing cities I really want vs the ones I need.