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    I have this same issue as well at all of my firefighting air stations.

    I've purchased the additional hangars for smoke jumper aircraft and the slots are added, however, when going to the aircraft market, I cannot actually purchase any smoke jumper aircraft as the option just isn't there. Instead, it seems to be adding more slots to buy water drop aircraft.

    I reported this in the support chat both on the web and on the phone app days ago but haven't received any responses.

    Actually now that I think about this. That might be accurate where those units wont treat patients. Here is why....

    I tested a theory a couple moths ago with training personnel as Sheriff and K9. I placed them in a K9 unit and they responded appropriately to K9 calls. I sent those units out to Sheriff calls but did NOT count as Sheriff as they were not in Sheriff vehicles. I swapped them to Sheriff cars and they counted as sheriff but not as K9 on applicable calls. They were bound to calls based on the vehicle. So I suspect that FF trained ALS wont be a benefit unless assigned to Engine / Amb rigs. In which case I wonder if you assign an regular non-trained FF in a Engine Ambulance if the unit would even leave the station?

    I just tested this just now. Turns out that the new Engine/Amb unit won't leave the station unless the ALS FF is assigned to it. And then it works with treating the patient. So yeah, right now this training is only beneficial to someone who wants to use that unit specifically.

    I've tested this a bit and as far as I can tell putting ALS trained crew on engines and quints DID NOT treat patients where an ALS ambulance was required. This was the reason for creating this thread originally as I'm not sure if that is what the devs intended with this update.

    it also seems I cant get my crew trained, I placed an ALS engine at a fire house but when I go into the EMS academy that fire station isn't visible or any other fire station with an ambulance station inside

    The training to add ALS crew to an engine in a fire house is in the fire academy, not the ems academy. That appears to be the ONLY ems training available in the fire academy. The other ones are only available in the ems academy and the units that match up with them can only be bought at an ambulance station.

    Hello. I'm not sure if I'm confused about what the new ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus is supposed to do, but it appears to not be working the way it seems like it should. If I dispatch a regular Type 1 Engine to a medical call with 4 ALS trained staff and a BLS Ambulance, it won't treat ALS patients. It appears that the ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus only works for staff assigned to the new EMS/Fire Engine/Ambulance. Is this intended or is this a bug?

    Hello! I'd like to suggest a feature that would increase the chances of certain calls.

    For example, I could activate a "Strong Wind Event" and during that time it would increase the chances of a brush/wildland fire call, a tree down call, or a power line down call among others. Or for another example, I could activate a "Civil Unrest Event" that increases the chances of riot calls or other police calls. There are a lot of different possibilities with this. These sort of overall events could be activated for a limited time period (say 24 hours) and then once the time expired there could be a cooldown so it can't be activated again for a while. This would be sort of similar to the alliance events, but these would be for an individual user instead of for a whole alliance. Thoughts?

    After trying out some of the new wildland units, it appears that the units are not able to handle any calls outside of the new wildland fire calls. Is this intended or is this a bug that needs to be fixed?

    Since many departments in the US use these units for calls other than just wildland fires it doesn't make sense to have these setup the way they are currently. They should have the same capabilities as the Type 1 and Type 2 engines.

    It seems as though the medium, large, and giant flooding missions do not spawn and I feel like this issue has been going on for a while. I meet all the requirements for the missions to spawn. I get small flood missions, but they never upgrade to the bigger ones and none of the bigger ones ever spawn on their own. Is this something others are experiencing as well and if so, can this be fixed? Thanks!