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    I can almost say it’s not, no plane rather it’s US military including the USCG, private, commercial, another pilots fly over water all the time for many different reasons, non need a second aircraft, same with helicopters. Someone can like always correct me if I am wrong.

    I had a feeling I heard this when watching tv

    If you watch the first few minutes he mentions that the c-130 is there to provide comms support and SAR for the h-60 in the event of a ditching.

    When other aircraft fly over the water there is someone to come rescue them but if the rescuer then crashes how rescues them. It’s like having a RIT/FAST team in the fire service

    In regards to the appliances not making to the scene there are multiple reasons why a truck has to cancel response here's some examples

    A truck got a flat tyre when responding to a bush fire in remote nsw after striking a fallen tree on a blind corner had to wait 45 minutes for a mechanic to allow the vehicle to finish responding(fire already had 20 trucks on scene and the two otger trucks in convoy cleared the road and continued)

    A fire truck on the way to a structure fire had to stop after 3 kids throw rocks at it when it drove past the fire fighters caught the 3 hiss and had to wait for police(was replaced by another truck for the fire)

    A ARRF fire truck when responding to a call struck a car in an intersection(will link story)

    And from my local town
    In the space of a week two paddy wagons and a highway patrol car were involved in 3 separate incidents were they collided with vehicles in intersections
    Could only find the first one

    In Aus it's normally a pilot, copilot, aircrew(paramedic rescue trained) and 1-2 paramedic rescue(medics trained in extreme life support and rescue(car crashes and extracting patients))
    Aircrew also depends on size and use
    We also have surf lifesaving helicopters that are the same but the aircrew man is water trained like the us coast guard

    Like I have said in a similar thread nose bleeds and things like that a very common ex specially in older people on blood thinners( can be deadly if they lose to much blood due to the thinners)
    This call is quite common in the town I live in due to the large amount of elderly people

    I have 4-5at my stations till I finish building all the stations then I will fill them out to full here in Aus we are similar to U.K. Ambulances stay at a depot when not in use or they patrol in set areas coverage areas can be huge in Aus so some ambulances have to drive like 40 minutes just to get near their coverage areas

    It depends on how your Department does it
    I build fire stations with ambulance expansion and move the type 1or 2 to another station because the ambulance services where I am run rescue units as well so I buy both a ambulance (however many at station)and rescue plus maybe a utility and flycar(depending if the station has them. So it's up to you
    Fire station with the expansion gives more flexibility

    I figured out how to make my own but I can't make it public due to the fact I don't own the photos if you join the nsw/act emergency response and then pm me I can get it to you

    Actually in the us the prime mover doesn't actually change trailers as fair to my knowledge they keep the trailer on
    In Australia we have a USAR tractor trailer and that's all it's used for plus two fleet maintenance trucks used for fire truck transport they don't swap the trailers