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    That's what you may have learned but things change and places and services do it different you might both be right for the area you area

    Easy compromise add both bls and als you don't have to use bls just use als it just adds choice.

    If you look Australian and British service are similar but personally i think Australian(specifically NSW) services are slightly better
    All police have fire arms(pistols) a problem which is becoming a problem in U.K.
    And our police and ambulance special rescues are more extensively used more than you hart teams

    The only thing you do better is probably the clear communication between the military and emergency services it almost nonexistent here military is only used in floods or cyclones.

    There is two different types of ambulances and crew it might be a state difference thing or if it a private company it might work differently

    Here in Australia all ambulance services have almost the same training we have what you classify as a als then we have what's called patient transport which are slightly better trained nurses that are used for transport from hospital to hospital(patient transport vehicles have no lights or sirens if a urgent transport is needed they use a normal ambulance)

    I suggest you buy a new one then mark the other one status 6 until you either need it or a place that needs one lets you transfer

    For example i build all my ambulance stations as fire stations so i can have a heavy rescue(in NSW police and ambulane both have rescue teams like the fire department expect without the fire part)so i mark the type 1 as a sev(service exchange vehicle) intill a position that needs a type 1 open then i transfer it

    actually most times they send a engine to a carbon monoxide call due to the fact it could be a fire thats put its self out so an explosion can happen when you open the door anc the oxygen makesut to the hot spot
    Ill try find the video i watched on it

    the other thing is forensic teams are also used for things like robber breakand enter ect so evidence can be used for finding and charging suspects

    technical it is simulating real life
    In real life a fly car is to give more advanced medicl care and equipment to ambulance workers and provide quick car to patients when an ambulance is available that means that a ambulance is normally sent to replace the fly car so if more advanced care is needed else it can respond

    So it makes you replace the flycar on lower end calls and like nose bleed(sometimes patients goto hospital) and an ambulance is always needed for heart attack so its not a huge deal

    They are known as retained station for example the main fire station runs 2 appliances 1 rescue engine(rescue pumper here) then they have a type 1 brush appliance(1 is the largest here) but the station only has enough staff for 1 appliance so the crew that's on takes the most relevant appliance(brush to a brush call rescue engine to a rescue engine call) then if the other truck is need another shift is called in to man the appliance.
    When you look in real life this is probably the best way to cut cost without cutting response times it gives maximum safety with minimal cost.