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    I use utilities for the SES(State emergency service) in Australia the normally go to calls like trees down flood rescues(water rescues) assist in technical rescues(car and vertical) and SAR
    Google State emergency service Australia
    it's quite interesting the way the take pressure of fire units for fallen trees during large scale storms and floods.

    Remember there are a huge amount of volunteer departments that run full staffed brush trucks ranging from 2-6 people plus because there is an option to run 6 people per rig doesn't mean you have to run 6 six people when I do huge expansions to my setup(buying a station and adding like 6 rigs) I put minimal staffing on all units till I hire enough people to fully staff. In regards to it not being used for all calls I think the calls it can de used on are:
    Bin fire?
    Burning car?
    Burning motorbike?
    Burning grass
    Garden shed fire?
    Burning leaves?
    Bulk trash?
    Bale of straw fire
    Tractor fire
    Burning callbox?
    Tree on road
    Burning truck?
    Little field fire
    Little wildfire
    Caravan fire?
    Mailbox fire?
    Brush pile
    Burning trailer?
    Burning bus shelter?
    Road accident
    Gas leak?
    Harvester fire
    Wastebin fire?
    Major fire?
    Manhole fire?
    Burning machine?
    Burning locomotive?
    Gas station fire?
    Dangerous goods truck accident?
    Pile up?
    Tree on bikeway
    Burning substation?
    Person under tree?
    Traffic accident-ice?
    MVA rollover?
    Industrial fire?
    Building collapse?
    Trench rescue?
    Officer down?
    Missing person?
    Unknown tanker spill?
    Residential fire?
    Bomb explosion?
    Smoke in cabin?
    Brakes overheat?

    That's what I think and what the brush/bush units respond to minus a couple.

    I think this idea would go great with a volunteer stations were there is a random response delay from 3 to 10 or 15 minutes would be cool because you could standby units so it removes the response delay.

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    If you can't handle some feedback and criticism on your ideas don't post them people will disagree because everyone has their own opinions from what they have experienced. And remember the way things sound when you read them is completely different to the way the sound from the actual person.

    the reason they mighg be bigger is buget most airport fire services are federal government run in places like Europe and australia were in the US its up to individual states local governments or private run airfield companies to finance