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    to solve my ladder problem i made the main pump appliances at two diffrent stations quints so it counts towards the ladder requirement while still making it a pumper plus i use a 100% custom graphics pack i have 4 diffrent engine pictures i choose from

    i agree with having 6 it allows for any posible variations plus we have engines or pumpers have roof turrets that can carry up to 6 people like some normal engines plus here in australia we use the 4 crew panthers not the two crew ones

    there are large sized chrash tenders and tankers if they are going to change the crew sizes they should change all the units in on hit to make it easier for them plus it allows us to make any possible combination of crews

    i know depending on the rig at the navel airfield they have normally rosenbauer pumper that has roof turrets that counts as a crash truck it has two normal seats than 4 SCBA seats normally has just 4 guys in it when they are running other units like the panther

    You would be able to have a lieutenant on the type 1 and 2 ladder quint heavy rescue water tanker crash truck at least I'd say just put it on all trucks

    i think there should be some changes to the minimum and maximum amount of people per rig
    This is my suggestions
    Type one 2-6
    Type two 2-6
    Quint 2-6
    Platform 2-6
    Battalion 1-4
    Heavy rescue 2-6
    Mobile air 1-4 or 1-6
    Water tanker 1-6
    Utility 1-4
    Hazmat 2-6
    Mobile command 1-8
    Fly car 1-4
    Ambulance 1-3 (rare but some places have 3)
    Crash tender 1-6

    Let me know what you think

    when adding the brush truck or brush rig can we make it go to 6 crew not 3 because most brush or bush units here are manned by as little as 2 and as many as 6

    there is no need to be so rude and if you are a firefighter in Detroit or an other department you a duscrace to your department.
    Your fact about the brush rig is true we aren't saying it needs to be done now there a plenty of things like brush trucks that need to be added first as they we're suggested first. This game should eventually get to the point that it has every possible unit in america and almost the world with almost every possible call just cause an idea doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for everyone else take this for example were i live there is only there is not even a dedicated SCBA or mobile air truck for the hole state(800,642 square kilometres) there is a mixed hazmat mobioe air truck and a pid truck that has a SCBA pid but no dedicated truck because that is a waste of money to have a truck go to one fire a year.
    Take a look at other departments and how they are setup and operate before you comment and disagree with someone its amazing what you might learn.

    I never said anything about being made after any date I stated they are barely ever manufactured because it's not made by a specific manufacturer it's made by the department that's owns it and this also proves my point that they are not used by a wide range of departments only a small handful that can afford to build their own over $100,000 truck. Again my opinion will never change no matter how many times you try to prove me wrong. I agree with what TACR stated they do need to be used on more wildfire calls but I do not agree that we need to add this vehicle in the game. As I stated before just rename type 1's as act as if they are one nobody is stopping you from doing this quick and simple fix I mean it's nothing new people have been using type 2's as brush trucks all they have been doing was renaming the type 2 and act like it is a brush.

    you are still failing to see the fact that mixed units are becoming more popular than dedicated units and that includes pumper tankers it should be added to the game as a new unit or changed in the coding(wouldn't be that hard because al he'd do is change one thing from false to true) the stations where an example not fact you will almost never find 25 stations the same i over dramatized it fof the example to make it easier to understand and not to mention that departments are starting to move away from refits because thats starting to cost almost the same as a new rig

    After about 20 minutes looking at Google they are becoming more popular they may not be called pumper tankers(many are called engines on the side)so yes it is a good idea to change the tanker or an engine as well or add a new unit

    Plus you'd hate this all brush or bush rigs here in australia are called tankers no matter what tge size tank or equipment it gas on board

    Actually worldwide fire departments are moving towards having a larger more flexible system which includes the use of a large amount of mixed or combination units and having less dedicated units

    Units like
    quints(engine and ladder combined)
    Rescue engines(engine and rescue combined)
    Pumper tankers (engine and tanker combined)

    This is the way fire departments are heading the main reason is there getting the same service for less money
    take my made up fire department

    It has
    2 engines 1 ladder 1 tanker 1 rescue at 25 fire houses that's 40 engines 25 ladders 25 tankers 25 rescues all together thats 115 units

    Now it can be this
    1 rescue engine 1 pumper tanker 1 quint at the Same 25 house is 25 rescue engines 25 pumper tankers and 25 quints that's just 75 units

    So these three units are providing the same service for less which means the department can have more trucks in more areas improving respones time so instead of one station a department can have two stations for almost the same price for large cities this isn't really a problem but in smaller departments this is a big deal

    I did read this topic and grouping them together solves this problem that's why I am one of the people who disliked it because this is one of the most stupidest ideas I have ever heard on this forum why change something that doesn't even need to be touched it makes no sense at all a tanker will never be able to replace engines on the scene because it's more of a personal issue not because you want to eliminate 5 engines and make it so only one tanker can respond also it's one of the most stupidest things I ever heard because a tanker doesn't hold enough water to even accomplish this. If you would actually read what I'm saying you and me wouldn't be having this discussion and having problems.

    so you basically said a tanker is useless because it doesn't hold enough water i believe that is the point of a tanker to hold more water than another unit on the scene plus tankers now are turning into tanker engines now the only difference between a tanker and an engine is the amount and types of hose on the truck

    here in australia the full time fire departments are based and structured around the use of rescue engines when ever there's a call your highly likely to get a rescue engine (also known as a pumper)