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    Heo Kryz. Let me start by saying that i love your graphics... I've used them for a while now.

    BUT... As i am from Denmark, i'd like some Danish graphics. Here comes the boring part. I am gonna ask you, if you would like to... Perhaps make a couple of graphics. I have the pictures, but i would like some animated ones.

    If you would, i know atleast 5 guys who would be very happy ;)

    Obviously, there is some work to do, but i would love you to do it.


    • Battalion.png
    • Crash Tender.png
    • Engine.png
    • Fly Car.png
    • Ladder Quint.png
    • Mobile Air.png
    • Patrol Car.png
    • mcv.png
    • Tanker.png
    • ALS.png