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    Not sure if this is a bug or an error, but the Armed Traffic Cars do not get selected under the AARs as Armed Response, only as Traffic. So when I click on the AAR button for an Armed vehicle, it selects only Dedicated ARVs and not ATCs.

    A fix for this could be to change the ARV line of the AAR to be the same as Rescues for fire are. RSV *OR* RP, with police having ARV *OR* ATC as the option to select.

    Not sure if this is a bug or anything. I had this mission spawn twice requiring one engine and one patrol car, however I do not have any police stations in the game. So I'm wondering if this is a bug or a weird mechanic.

    NameOperational Support Unit (OSU)
    Purpose-Combined Hazmat, BASU, Welfare and additional equipment.
    How many personel requried-Min. 1 Max 2
    Building expansionN/A
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsN/A

    In the Uk many services don't have a dedicated Hazmat or BASU unit. Instead they have an OSU which is a multirole vehicle, either a box truck or curtain sided lorry with a forklift to access the different pallets inside. This would be beneficial ingame for many players in counties with only one OSU, so they can have both hazmat and BASU capabilities without needing mutual aid, or having to "duplicate" the vehicle by having both types of truck with the same callsign for example.

    Any update on If this will be added, The original post has a fair amount of support, and with the "Engine Tanker" being added, I was hoping this could too as said in the post, many counties don't have dedicated HazMat AND BASU Units.

    A few New Graphics added to the Drive, multiple companies with the following base units.

    Silverado Battalion:    

    Ferrara Rearmount Ladder:     

    Seagrave 75 Foot Midmount:     

    Seagrave 95 Foot Midmount:    

    Once i get the base fleet of FDNY Done (Base meaning the cabs and bodies made without any livery) I can then branch our to other Depts. Any graphic i make is dependent on making the base image, once that is made i can make any livery i want for it.

    I've been thinking about creating something like this but it looks like you beat me to it! Look awesome mate!

    Honestly mate it was your building icons that made me get back into the US version, I would be all too happy to work in conjunction with you to do each unit with each house you make in sequence of which you make them.

    Here is a display of a few of my graphics so you all know what you are getting without having to go through the drive.
    FDNY -
    KME E4:    

    Seagrave E6:    

    Seagrave E10:    

    Suffolk is a prime county to look at this. Of the 35 Fire Stations there are 2 Combined Fire & Ambulance stations, and 14 Combined Fire & Police stations.

    I Just find it awkward as in my county they have a Roads Armed Police Team, or RAPT. that means i use the ATC not ARV. But the AAR for ARVs doesnt include ATCs the same way the Engine AAR selects both WRLs, L4Ps and RPs. That could also be a way to fix the issue.