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    Today I bring The first of my Scania graphics. Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.
    Scania WrL:
    Scania WrL Short:
    Scania RP:
    Scania HRP:

    Soon to Follow are the Scania ALPs and Water Carriers.

    The new mission is alright in terms of requirements, However 2 Tankers is currently a bit stretching.
    My main issue with this is the frequency at which this call spawns. I've had 5 in 30 calls be this large field fire, which is quite high compared to the real life frequency of fires of this magnitude.
    The tanker issue would be resolved if the frequency was turned down, so they aren't as strenuous. The other option is to Make the 2nd tanker on the call be a 50% chance, so it would be 1 but possibly 2 tankers required.

    Name Unimog
    PurposeHas 2 Main uses, and 1 additional use if the expansion is unlocked. For use in place of the RSU on the Animal rescues (Such as cows or horses in ditches, but not able attend RTCs or Building collapses. It is purely Animal rescue, not an RSU), for use on heathland/ large field fires as an off road brush style unit when over 4 pumps are in attendance (Could add a few more types of field fire between little field and heathland), And finally can tow a boat for water rescue once the expansion is unlocked.
    Crew2 Maximum
    Building ExpansionNo (Optional Water Rescue to unlock the boat trailer)
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsN/A

    The prime example for this vehicle is Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service's 3 Unimogs. Many other UK Services have Unimogs for both Animal Rescue and Brush Operations, Though Suffolk is unique for using them as tugs for their Water Rescue Boat Trailers, as There is only one WR Van, but 3 units across the county based with each "Mog"

    Okay so after many hours of swearing, and tears, The Suffolk Fire and Rescue ALP 01A6 is complete. I will soon be putting this ladder, the Bronto F32 onto a Scania body once I complete the Scania cab.
    Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service:

    Right So I know I've been away for a while, but to get back into the swing of things I have some Specialist Units from my home county, Suffolk.

    Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service:
    Low Height WrL:
    Low Height PRT:

    I feel as though wildfires should be locked away behind an expansion wall, same as water rescues and airport calls are. For areas that dont have much or any wildfire activity, they could just not make any wildfire stations to ensure they wont generate calls that need wildfire equipment when they dont have any. Further this will allow players to not have to ruin their realism setups by adding wildfire units that dont exist in real life.

    I personally enjoyed it as it allowed me to start LAS on my London account. I had 23 fire stations, without the ability to stockpile the credits i wouldve gotten slammed with 23 fire calls worth of medical runs, for only 1 ambo station. This allowed me to make 5 stations so i could kinda keep up.
    I will say double credits are so much better than the coin calenders as you can easily make progress, whereas the coin drops dont even give you enough for one quint or rescue engine.

    My current biggest complaint is that police stations do not come with cells from the get go, whereas hospitals do have beds. Waiting 7 days to just simply use a police station is incredibly long, and personally I feel the whole 7 days expansion for everything is a bit too much, 3 or 5 days is enough.
    I've made a thread about this before but nothing has been mentioned in months so I thought I'd bring it up again, mainly due to my main account being nearly unplayable as I have such a large area, and only now starting police is made even harder by the lack of Cells from the get go, and having to release prisoners on scene.

    Link to my previous post with suggestions on how to implement it all.…s/?postID=22449#post22449

    The part about sending HEMS to any hospital, I feel there is a relatively simple fix for that. Add an expansion to the hospital for a Helipad that allows HEMS to land at the hospitals which have the pads built.

    Right I know I said coming next was the London Fleet, but today was my birthday so I decided to take a break and do something a little closer to home. Suffolk will be featured regularly on here as I will complete the whole fleet as a running project alongside any other fleet I'm working on.
    Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service:
    Volvo FL 2016-Present:
    Volvo FL 2008 EPRT: